My assistant

My assistant

Photo Douglas Moonstone

I present you my assistant , Kimi , who supports me and help me in the writing of my books

As the saga of our history is nom complete , I am pleased to invite you to read now :

Earth is the aim 1 : Eden and China’s Gods
Earth is the aim 2 : Atlantean Gods
Earth is the aim 3 : Dissolution of the gods
Earth is the aim 4 : The Tokharians
Earth is the aim 5 : The Indo-Europeans
Earth is the aim 6 : Exodus and survivors
Earth is the aim 7 : Mu and the others worlds

Published now 1 to 4 , 5 will be published in January 2019 , 6 and seven will follow and be published March and Mai 2019


Douglas Moonstone



money is the human predator
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