Part 6: the gods, Chapter 10 – Lilith

Part 6: the gods, Chapter 10 – Lilith

Published July 14, 2009

Lilith calls his brother …

Official History of Lilith

In Kabbalah, Lilith was in the garden of Eden, the first woman and first wife of Adam before Eve

Snake goddess, winged goddess, she is the Mother Goddess

The Neolithic, the humanity was placed under the protection of the Great Mother, creator of worlds, items and creatures that inhabited the

This long culture of the Great Mother was attacked continuously, from the end of the Bronze Age, for the new priests who wanted to erase the matriarchy and patriarchy create

Having demonized Lilith, the priests managed to erase the memory, increasing the patriarchy to one rule of life possible …

Lilith is always described as a capable woman who has a strong influence over Adam and an insatiable sexual appetite

According to the Bible, Adam was created from the land of Eden

God the model, then he breathed life
Adam, seeing that all animals living in pairs, asked God for a companion

God, finds its legitimate request, he modeled a woman, Lilith

But the land he had used was impure …
Adam had his first sexual encounter with Lilith

Therefore it is considered the first woman to Adam

But the time came when God asked Adam and Lilith to choose a leader for their future family

Adam tried to impose its authority on Lilith

She refused, and fled from Paradise
God, to avoid such a mistake again, created another woman from a rib of Adam

Thus was born Eve, the second wife, which by its origin was the respect for Adam …
Meanwhile, Lilith gave birth to demons 100 per day, which filled the Earth

As punishment, God condemned to eat his children 100 per day

So, again wanting revenge, it became a snake and tempted Eve with the fruit of knowledge

Demonization of Lilith

Adam, under the influence of anger and wanting to show leadership, hunting of Paradise

Yahweh warned, sent him three angels Sinwy, Sinsinwy Samengelf and to try to reason with

Driven by man of Paradise, Lilith fled before her, to the edge of the Red Sea

There she is looking for humans but are only animals and demons

Expelled from humanity it flows into the deviltry and began relationships with the great demon, but also with many demons and succubi demons

Lilith soon surpass all other succubi, the servants of Lucifer of Record

She quickly gets the title of the first demon, the favorite of Lucifer, the son of Satan

“Cain quarreled with Abel for the possession of the first Eve (Lilith, his own mother), killed him … to be sure to be the sole owner

Together, they engendered the evil portion of humanity as Adam and Eve begat the beneficial portion … “(Genesis Rabbah 22-7 to 22-30)

The story mentions that the Babylonian demon Lilith, or Lillithu Ardatis-called Lilli, was not at that time a demon in its own right but simply a man with immense knowledge and a few special powers

Defeated by the demons who did not want her, she took advantage of what she knew their names sacred to invoke various covenants and won their powers … she became the one we know, the thief, plunged into debauchery , the queen of succubi

Xi Wang Mu

Xi Wang Mu is a deity described in ancient Chinese texts as a monster with a human face-toothed tiger and leopard-tailed

At the head of the demons of the plague, she was the goddess of epidemics

Later, she was recognized as the Queen Mother of the West and ruled over the western paradise of the immortals in the Kunlun Mountains


Eileithyia is the goddess of motherhood and childbirth

It’s a goddess and the legitimate daughter of Hera and Zeus, born near Knossos in Crete

Names of Lilith

You understood, Xi Wang Mu, goddess of wild animals also known as goddess of snakes, Hera, goddess of snakes, and Lilith, the goddess serpent, refer to the same person …

And so it is Lilith who brought the gods Eden in Crete, Olympians, and consequently led to an Edenic culture of the future Greek and Roman world …


And here is the true story of Lilith …

The Edenic sent to scout on earth a team of terra formation commanded by Yahweh

He had as assistant Lilith, the sister of the boss (the celestial emperor himself)

Probably a love affair gone bad, that Lilith has agreed to be only second in this adventure, he should well be something in the wind between her and Lord …

They had to get along like cats and dogs …

They set the land base of Eden, the Garden of Eden, in Anatolia along the Black Sea, the site probably chosen by the head of the expedition, Lord

Lilith was Adam being part of the program, but has refused to integrate, for the Lord and Adam, refused him the command

Having sent his complaints to his brother, the Lord was recalled to the space base to explain the problem

During his absence, Lilith took the opportunity to fly the apple of knowledge to Eve, who had agreed to be assistant (subject) of Adam

Then she left Crete, taking the apples of immortality that were already under its responsibility, and also all those who were faithful, as Lucifer …

The pills of immortality, see Chapter 7-16, are guaranteed the opportunity to make long voyages in space

Manufacturing and management can not be the preserve of a high-ranking …

So she brought with her not only an important part of the staff, but also substantial technological means …

Yahweh on his return found the damage and try to negotiate with them by sending three envoys

The three angels have preferred to stay with Lilith …

The Emperor could only observe celestial secession, and the LORD has not to be commended …

He then asked Lilith to create a new land base and the Kunlun Mountains which Lilith was the leader …

The Garden of Eden, is right there, 100 meters under the waters of the bay of Anatolia …

Although he did so, for a little later, towards – 6700 BP, see Chapter 3-12, the flood engulfed the land base of the Garden of Eden, in Anatolia, bordering the Black Sea, whose level while has risen by more than 100m …

This time the Lord had to be mutated in the 3 rd below …

Ah yes, this happened about 9000 years ago, the arrival of Minoan Crete, from Anatolia …

As you saw in Chapter 3-11, date of birth of Adam – 8951 BP …


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