Part 6: the gods, Chapter 4 – Star Wars: Atlantean version

Part 6: the gods, Chapter 4 – Star Wars: Atlantean version

Published July 14, 2009

Olympus, the edenists earth base of Mount Kunlun …


In this article, I do not put reminders of references to previous chapters, because all the previous chapters are discussed and all the points now taken for granted have been proven

In summary, to understand this article, you must have read the book from the beginning …

First War

During the journey to the land, the two expeditions, Eden and Atlantis, the Edenic barred the way to Atlantis

By force, they have imposed on Atlantean considerable delay and thus allowed their ships to arrive first on the ground

It was a limited war, because the damage on both sides do not seem large enough to prevent the rest of the trip, nor the opportunity for detailed written on the subject

It just continued to contribute to the continued tensions between the two civilizations

Prologue to the second war: the Edenists

The EDEN Eden sent the terra forming earth

They created their land base: the Garden of Eden

When the amalgam of local people, they are divided and the splinter group moved a little further

The Flood destroyed the Garden of Eden

The new waves of population Eden arrives on Earth, they created a new land base, Olympus, the Kunlun Mountains

To launch facilities and control populations arrived, the emperor of heaven, Zeus, left its base Celestial, his spaceship command and moved to Olympia to accommodate dispatcher and Asians, and the vanes, and three other people before the onset of star wars

Now the Atlanteans arriving on earth, apparently much faster than expected, it stops the new arrivals populations

Indeed it has not yet had time to set up the defensive system of the Atlantis home because they did not expect that they arrive so early …

To avoid problems in the short term, because it still has the population of five vessels to implement, it sends 45 armored space defense to protect

Prologue to the second war: the Atlanteans

The Atlanteans arrived in India, where they set up their base earthly home and dispatcher at Sanchi

They settled in Atlantis

They install the Joseon, the Sumerians, Egyptians, ases and kelts

At the same time, they prepare from their base land of Atlantis, Star Wars

All populations located Atlantis must provide troops and weapons and end up on Atlantis

Second war

War is the one we know as the Star Wars

Compilations of different existing texts allow us this reconstruction and also to follow the tribulations of the group of Atlantis from Egypt

A group composed of a chief and 50 officers and their weapons left by sea from Egypt and after passing the Pillars of Hercules, Atlantis is heading

Atlantis arrived at, there are incidents that cause them to lose two officers

From there they follow through vertical transport (rocket?) Which makes them an altitude of 400 km

Then they travel through space to their space station, controlled by an Egyptian

Star Wars

Arrived at the base, each officer receives his ship of war, and there with a very powerful weapon and numerous, they join the vessels of eden and people are able to destroy 2 of 5, and all the 45 battleships of defense protected them

They believed in the victory and certainly were proposing to destroy the remaining three vessels when the celestial emperor, informed by radio of the attack on Atlantis, arrived with substantial means of warfare, which has pushed the Atlantis and save the last 3 vessels

He then isolated the Atlantis space station of any celestial radiation, which forced the medium-term asphyxia, lack of energy

The peace treaty

Talks conditions of future peace were able to start …

First, to avoid renewed conflict, an exchange of prisoners and hostages, to combine them in their own populations, as did later the Vanir and Aesir

He then appeared clearly that the land could not accept more immigrants

The Edenic therefore took the head of the expedition to a new destination to implement the rest of the Atlantic population and Edenic

The name of the star of destination must be on the original hieroglyphic text in Egypt, perhaps even embedded in the huge reserves of the Cairo Museum, inventoried in a word style: various

The EDEN therefore abandoned facilities of Mount Kunlun, and left the direction of the planet in the hands of Atlantis Atlantis Atlantis hostages in the shipment to their new destination ensuring the safety of populations Eden on earth

Tribute in return had to be paid to Eden by Atlantis

Soon to 5000 Before Present, it was no longer made … ..

After the sinking of Atlantis, the links with the Eden is lost … ..

Unless …

Maybe they are watching us …



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