Part 6: the gods, Chapter 3 – Star Wars: Louis XIV version

Part 6: the gods, Chapter 3 – Star Wars: Louis XIV version

Published July 14, 2009

The Space port …

Star Wars

Of course you know the 2000 version and the version you have discovered Eden and that of the second empire in previous articles

But here’s the first version which was written under Louis XIV

In fact, it is very similar to the one written under Napoleon III, since the latter is a copy of this version …

So I will present here only the parts that differ from the version of the Second Empire


We spent the night on the edge and the next day at daybreak, we set sail with a gentle wind that changed th at noon in a storm so violent that our ship was taken by a whirlwind to a height of 3000 stadiums (over 100 miles, 1 mile = 4 km or 400 km), and began to sail through the air space of seven days and seven nights, until we landed at a large island in the eighth round and shiny that was suspended in the air, and did not allow to be inhabited

By day, we saw nothing

But the night seemed to many other islands around shiny, various size and light, and earth below covered with rivers, seas, forests and mountains, which made us decide that it was ours, besides that ‘we saw in the cities, which looked like large anthills

When we got further into the country, we were caught talking hippogriffs

They were men mounted on winged griffins which had three heads

I can best describe their greatness by saying that their wings were longer and larger than the mast of a tall ship

They were ordered to beat the stage to see people coming and going and when they were strangers, they brought them to the king

When we were in his presence, he thought we were in our Greek dress, and asked how we had to come to his country, and across such a vast

We gave him the story of our adventure and he said he was on his side and that Endymion had been abducted while sleeping at night and made king of the globe of the moon, which was the country where we were

He added that we had nothing to fear and that we would do good food, and do not let us want for anything, that if he could return victorious from the war he had against the inhabitants of the sun, we could remain at peace with him and enjoy his happiness

We asked him who these people and the subject of their dispute

We said it was a country inhabited as the moon and that Phaeton was king, wanted to stop by and want to send a colony in the day star, who was an uninhabited desert island

But I want, he says, to the plant on his mustache, and you want to be part and come with me, I will give to each one of the griffins of my team and will equip you with all necessary things for tomorrow, which is the day of departure

After we had accepted the party, we kept him to supper, and the next morning that all his troops were assembled, he drew up in battle because the runners reported that the enemy seemed

He had 100,000 horsemen, of which there were 80 000 and 20 000 hippogriffs lacanoptères without infantry and allies

These are large birds lacanoptères all covered with grass instead of feathers, which were mounted on the scorodomaques (fighting with garlic) and centroboles (throwing grains of millet

For the Allies, there were 30 000 psyllotoxotes (archers mounted on chips) of the star of the bear, 50 000 anémodromes (puts the wind), the first chip mounted on large heavy as 12 elephants, and others carried on the wings of the wind

For rolling up their dresses that hang down to their heels, they use it as sails and are usually of infantry in battle

We waited 70 000 strutobalanes (passerine-acorns) and 50 000 hippogéranes (mounted on cranes) of the stars that are above Cappadocia, and we told things strange and incredible, but as they came not there n is no need to bring

Such was the army of Endymion

To arms, each dress u had made head of the shell of a snail and a breastplate of scales bean pods, which are hard and strong in that country as the horn

Their shields and swords were similar to ours

When the armies were in presence, Endymion stood on the right wing with his hippogriff and we put around him with the most valiant, for the care of the person

The lacanoptères had the left wing, the allies were in the middle

The infantry amounted to 60 million and was row in this manner: he commanded the spiders that are big in this country there as the Cyclades Islands to make a fabric from the globe of the moon to the star of the day, which was done in an instant, as they are numerous, and he arranged above the infantry, commanded by Nyctérion son of Eudianacté, with two lieutenants

For the army of the sun, Phaeton took the left wing, with hippomyrmèques (riding on ants), which are men mounted on winged ants covering 2 acres (1 acre = 6600 m2, 2 acres = 13 200 m2 or 1.32 hectare) of shadow and fight for their horn

There were many 50 000

A right wing were aéroconopes (midges air) at about the same number

These are mounted on large and midges are all archers

Behind were the aérocordaques (jumping up), which fought to related strokes are strong and brave and great service, though they throw as raves, but they are big and strong and soaked in juice purple, which is among them a deadly poison and immediately generates the stench in the wound

Near them were 10 000 caulomycètes (mushroom stalks), people hand and heavily armed, wearing a cloak large mushrooms and asparagus spears large

Next was 5000 cynobalanes (dog acorns) which had been sent to the inhabitants of the Dog, all with a dog muzzle and astride winged acorns

Were expected slingers of the way of milk, but there came that néphélocentaures (cloud-centaurs), and would to God they were not coming because they were due to the loss of the battle

For others, Phaeton, from indignation, put their country with fire and blood

As we came to blows after raising signs and is braying donkeys, which are the trumpets from above, the two armies met and clashed horribly with loud noise

The left wing of the enemy gave way first and could not withstand the shock of our hippogriffs which continued strongly and made a great slaughter, but their right wing and had the advantage aéroconopes drove our people to our infantry renewed the fight and put them to flight, after they had learned the defeat of their left wing

So there was great slaughter and the blood trickled from all sides in the clouds, which were dyed red and became, as they are sometimes seen at sunset

He even fell to the ground and it was perhaps a similar adventure Homer said he liked the blood to the death of Sarpedon, though attributed to the pain of Jupiter

People returning from the pursuit erected two trophies, one in the clouds for the victory of the air, and the other on the spider’s web for the defeat of the infantry

However, the runners reported they saw the look néphélocentaures, winged monsters who were half horse and half man, of a size so prodigious that the human part was as big as the Colossus of Rhodes and the other the size of a ship

They were led by the Sagittarius zodiac and the number was so large that it exceeds the debt

When they learned of the defeat of their people, they sent to Phaeton to start the match and set themselves in array

After they came down upon our own who were in disarray and scattered here and there in the pursuit or among the baggage, and having defeated, continued to Endymion globe of the moon, without being able to save a portion of its hippogriffs

Then they overthrew our trophies and ran all large area extending from the globe of the moon to the star of the day

This is where I was taken prisoner with two of my companions

In the meantime arrived Phaeton, which made raising new trophies and we drove in the globe of the sun, with hands tied behind his back with one leg spider

He would not lay siege to the moon but he get around, by way of circumvallation, a double wall made of thick clouds, so that it no longer receiving sunlight and was in a perpetual eclipse

Endymion, touched by this misfortune, sent to offer tribute and hostages, he would not receive at first, but after giving the matter under advisement, he relaxed and peace was concluded on terms that the wall would be demolished and made prisoners of both sides for money

Endymion laissrait free and the other stars did for friends and enemies as the sun

He and his successors would pay annually to his Phaeton and 10,000 hogsheads (1 hogshead = 1166 liters) (or 11.66 million liters) of dew and give all of their subjects as hostages

The star of the day would be settled in common and those who would be included in peace would be

These articles were written on a column of amber, which was planted on the borders of empires 2

On the sunny side Pyronide signed, and Thérite Phlogis, and the other Nyctor, Menie and Polylampe (the names mean fire, summer fire and night, moon, light)

So peace was made, the wall torn down and we released

When we returned, our companions ran to embrace us with tears and Endymion, to force us to live with him, gave us the right of citizenship, but I could not bring myself to

Comparison of versions

As you can see, Napoleon III version differs little from the version Louis XIV

The literary style is his time writing, but it’s the same story, star wars, described from the same source …

At both times, however, have very different technologies, we do not yet know of flying machines or space or modern weapons …

This explains the funny names given to the weapons and vehicles …

But it recognizes scientific issues still evident today, and interpreted as amazing oddities at these times …




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