Part 6: the gods, Chapter 2 – Star Wars: Napoleon III version

Part 6: the gods, Chapter 2 – Star Wars: Napoleon III version

Published July 14, 2009

The people of the sun …

by Pierre Boitard in 1839 …

Star Wars

Of course you know the 2000 version …

And you saw in the previous article version of Eden, but here is the written version of the Second Empire

I will present here the key excerpts:

… 5

Party one day the Pillars of Hercules, and brought to the western ocean, I was pushed off by a favorable wind

The cause and intent of my trip was idle curiosity and the desire to see something new: I wanted to also know the limits of the ocean, what are the men who inhabit the opposite shore

For this purpose, I shipped many eatables and a sufficient quantity of water, I joined fifty young people my age, having the same project as me: I was with a large number of weapons, I had committed a large sum, a driver guide us, and I did not sail our ship, who was a merchant vessel, so as to withstand a long and violent journey


One day and one night we had a good wind, which left us to the earth without us take off too

But the next day at sunrise, the breeze became stronger, the waves swelled, darkness enveloped us, and it was no longer possible to bring the sails

Forced to yield and surrender ourselves to the winds, we were beaten by the storm during seventy-nine days, but the eightieth, at sunrise, we saw, a short distance, a high island, covered with trees, and against which the waves were gently breaking

We are moving towards the shore, we landed, and as happens to people who have just been severely tested, we lay for a long time on earth Finally we get, we choose thirty of us to keep the ship and I take the other twenty with me to reconnoitre the island

… 9

We abandon them, we flee to our ship, and we tell those we had left there the metamorphosis of our companions, now incorporated into the vines, however, provided a few amphorae, we make a supply of water, and we draw the wine into the river, from which we spend the night

The next morning at daybreak we put to sea with a light breeze, but about noon, when we were out of sight of the island, a sudden squall coming to attack us with such violence, that after have our ship spins it lifts into the air over three thousand stadia (1 stadium = 130 m) (approximately 400 km) and not let him back on the sea: the wind, engaged in our sails, is outstanding and our boat wins, so that we sail in the air for seven days and seven nights


On the eighth day we see in space a great land, a kind of island shiny, spherical, and illuminated by a bright light

We discuss, we land, and, after recognizing the country, we find it inhabited and cultivated

During the day, we could not see there any other object, but as soon as night came, we saw several other nearby islands, some larger, others smaller, all the color of fire, and above it saw yet another land, with cities, rivers, seas, forests, mountains, it seemed to us that this was the one we inhabit


We were determined to penetrate further when we were met and taken by people who take the name of Hippogypes

These are men Hippogypes involves large vultures, which they use as a horse, these vultures are of enormous size, and almost all have three heads: to give an idea of their size, I would say that each of their feathers is longer and thicker than the mast of a large transport ship

Our Hippogypes had orders to go around the island, and if they met a stranger, to bring the King

They then take and lead us to their sovereign

It sees us, who we were and judging from our clothing: “Foreigners, he said, you Greeks? ”

We answer affirmatively

“So how did you come here across such a large air space? ”

We told him our adventure, and he, in turn, says his

He was a man named Endymion, one day, while sleeping, he was removed from our land, and on his arrival, he was made king of that country

But this country was not something other than what we call low in the Moon

He urged us to take courage and fear no danger, that would give us everything we need


“If I carry out, he added, the war that I am doing to the people of the sun, you will spend with me the happiest life

– What are these enemies, we say, and what is the cause of hostilities?

– Phaethon, he says, King of the inhabitants of the sun because the sun as the moon is inhabited, we made war a long time

Here’s why: I had gathered all the poor of my empire, and I intended to send a colony in the Morning Star, which is deserted and uninhabited

Phaethon, jealousy, tried to prevent it, and, in the middle of the road, he went ahead with Hippomyrmèques

Defeated in battle by superior numbers, we are forced to abandon the place

But today I want to resume the war, and if you want to share with me this expedition, I will give each one of my king vultures and other equipment

Tomorrow we will start

– As You Like It, “I said


It keeps us then to supper and remain in his palace

In the morning we get up and we put ourselves in battle, informed by spies of the enemy’s approach

Our forces consisted of one hundred thousand soldiers, not including camp followers, the drivers of the machines, the infantry and the allied troops, the number of the latter was 4-20000 Hippogypes, and twenty thousand men mounted on Lachanoptères

It is a species of large birds all covered with vegetables instead of feathers, and whose wings are very similar to fast lettuce leaves

Near them were placed Cenchroboles and Scorodomaques, thirty thousand and fifty thousand Psyllotoxotes Anémodromes came from the Star of the Bear as allies

The Psyllotoxotes were mounted on large chips, hence the name, and these chips were the size of twelve elephants are Anémodromes the infantry, and they are carried by the wind without the need for wings

Here’s how: they have long dresses them down to the heels, they roll up, and the wind, coming to engulf them, makes them look like sail boats

Most use of shields in combat

People said he was also to happen, the stars are above Cappadocia, seventy thousand and fifty thousand Strouthobalanes Hippogéranes, but we did not see them, since they came not

So I dare to describe it, for what they said seemed fabulous and amazing


These were the troops of Endymion: all wearing the same armor, helmets were of beans in this country that are large and hard, breastplates, arranged in scales, were made of pods of lupines sewed together, and whose skin was as impenetrable as the Horn: shields and swords were similar to those of the Greeks


At the moment, the army was ranked as follows: the right wing was occupied by the Hippogypes and the king, surrounded by the bravest fighters, among whom we were, to the left and placed the center Lachanoptères troops Allied, each in its place

The infantry amounted to sixty million, and this is how it is the battle in array

In this country the spiders are numerous and much larger, each, as the Cyclades Islands

Endymion ordered them to weave a web that extends from the Moon to the Morning Star, and they executed him in an instant, and it was a field on which the king drew up his infantry, commanded by Nyctériôn son of Eudianax, and two other generals.



The left wing of the enemy consisted of Hippomyrmèques, among whom was Phaethon

These are Hippomyrmèques winged animals, like our ants, almost to the size, because the most massive of them has at least two acres

(1 acre = 6600 m2, 2 acres = 13 200 m2, or 1.32 hectare)

Not only their riders taking part in the action, but they are struggling themselves with their horns

We are told that their number was about fifty miles

A right wing were Aéroconopes in roughly equal numbers, all archers and mounted on large flies

Was placed behind the Aérocoraces, light infantry soldiers and warlike: they launched huge raves from afar with their sling man who was hit could not last long and he died infected with the smell that emanated from his injury soon , they said they dipped their arrows in purple juice

Near them were ranged the Caulomycètes, heavy infantry fighting up close, the number of ten thousand

They are called Caulomycètes because they use mushrooms for shields, and spears of asparagus stems

Then came the Cynobalanes, which had been sent to the inhabitants of Sirius Phaethon, the number of five thousand

They are men-headed dog fighting top winged acorns

We are told that they needed more allies late, sent for the slingers of the Milky Way and Néphélocentaures

They arrived when the battle was still undecided, and would to the gods they were not coming! The slingers did not appear, so it is claimed that in the following Phaethon irritated burned their country

Such was the army of King of the Sun.



It comes to hand: the standards are deployed, the asses of the two armies began to bray, they, in fact, used trumpets, and the battle begins

The left wing of Héliot can not sustain the shock of our Hippogypes, we will continue and we make a great slaughter, but their right wing pushed our left, and Aéroconopes, based on her suddenly, continuing until the ranks of our infantry advanced to the rescue and forced to retreat in disorder, especially when they realize that their left wing was defeated: their rout became general, and many were captured, more are killed; blood dripping from all sides in the clouds, which are dyed and take the red color that we see them at sunset: He fell onto the ground, and it was probably, I think, on the occasion any similar event happened once in the sky, Homer tells us that Jupiter rained blood upon the death of Sarpedon


Returning from the pursuit of the enemy, we draw two trophies, one of the spider’s web, to celebrate the success of the infantry, the other in the clouds, because of our victory in the air

We were finishing when spies came to announce the arrival of Néphélocentaures, which should have come with Phaethon before the fight

We see them arrive, strange sight of beings half man, half winged horses: their size is such that the man who made the top equal to half the Colossus of Rhodes, and the horses a big merchant ship

Their number was so great that I did not write, for fear of being refused to believe me

They were headed by the Sagittarius of the Zodiac

As soon as they realized the defeat of their allies, they sent to Phaethon that he returned to the charge, having formed themselves in battle, fall on the Selenites disbanded, stray, scattered in pursuit their enemies and the remains of the dead

They flip, give chase to the city to the king, kill him the best of its vultures tear the trophies which had been run through all the plain woven spiders, and make me a prisoner with two of my companions

Phaethon happening now, and our enemies, having erected new trophies, prisoners took us the same day in the empire of the sun, their hands tied behind his back with a spider’s web


They do not judge about to besiege the city, but retracing their steps, they build through the air wall that prevents sunlight from reaching the Moon: the double wall was composed of clouds

So the moon obscured by a total eclipse, and wrapped in a full night Endymion, overwhelmed with such a misfortune, sent ambassadors to beg Phaethon to destroy the wall and not leave it and live in darkness, he promises to pay him tribute, to become his ally, not to make war against him, and he offers the hostages as guarantors of the treaty

Phaethon assembles twice its board: the first deliberation, the winners persist in their anger at the second, they changed their minds



Peace is concluded with the following clauses: “An alliance is made between Héliot and their allies, the selenite and their allies, provided that the Héliot hug the wall and will not intercept more burst into the moon, they prisoners will return the price set for each of them, for their part, the Selenites let the other stars to govern themselves according to their laws, they will no longer war with Héliot, but the two people form a league offensive and defensive the king of Selenites Héliot pay the king an annual tribute of ten thousand jars of dew and give hostages for an equal number of his subjects, the colony of the Morning Star will be done jointly, and each people will send those want to be, this treaty will be engraved on a column of amber, drawn up in the air, on the borders of the two empires

Vowed to Héliot: Pyronide, and Thérite Phlogius; for Selenites: Nyctor, Menius and Polylampe. ”


So peace was made, the wall torn down, and made us the freedom

On our return to the moon, our companions ran to meet us, and we embraced with tears: Endymion did the same again, he begged us to stay with him and to establish ourselves in the colony, I even promised to give me his son in marriage, because there are no women in this country, but I do not let myself go to his offer, and I asked him to kindly give us back down to the sea

When he saw that he could not convince me, he dismissed us, after we have feasted for seven days

… 26

I live a very different wonders in the king’s palace

It was a large mirror, placed above a well depth low

In it down, you could hear everything being said about the earth, and looking up toward the mirror, you could see all the cities and all peoples, as if one was in their midst

I saw my parents and my country I do not know if they saw me too, I dare say: but if we refuse to believe me, there’ll see, by going there, that I am not an impostor




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