Part 6: Gods, Chapter 1 – Star War version of Edenists

Part 6: Gods, Chapter 1 – Star War version of Edenists

Published July 14, 2009

Destination Earth …

The big trip

Before the synthesis of all this research, the past, to extract lessons, present, and to put the philosophy, the future, we still have two chapters to complete the study

Now that we know the cosmic origin of Eden and Atlantis and we know how they work, it is possible to pick up the pieces we are missing the last two chapters

So we will study, through the Asiatic legends, the arrival of our alien

There are several versions of this trip apart from that I have chosen, but there is no substantive difference between them, it is only differences of literary

This is just one excerpt, but he says the main episode of this journey: Star Wars that pitted two civilizations, Eden and Atlantis

The legend

In the endless ocean of space, thousands and thousands of rivers flow into it day and night is said that even the water of the Milky Way flows into the sea

Yet the waters of the sea neither increasing or decreasing

The ocean is never dry and never filled


A legend in the bottom of the sea, thousands of li (one li = 500 m) east of the Bohai Sea, a gulf opens immense Guixu name, meaning “place of return”

The waters of the sea rush in as fast as the waters of rivers in its midst, and the ocean is never filled and

It looks well to the description of a black hole …

Not far from the gulf floated five mountainous islands: Daiyu, Yuanqiao, Fanghua, Yingzhou and Penglai

It was the Islands of the Immortals

The mountains were so high as to reach the top, you had to walk 30 000 li

(15 000 km)

Each summit was surmounted by a large tray of a perimeter of 9000 li

The five islands lined up in the sea, with a distance of 70,000 li

From a distance we could see them appear and disappear in the swirling clouds of good omens surrounding the islands

On a clear day, one could make some beautiful houses and magnificent palace inhabited by the Immortals

All pavilions and palaces were made of gold or jade

All birds and animals were island of immaculate whiteness

In the mountains grew flowers and rare fruits

The tree of wonders, in particular, gave very tasty fruit that made immortal one who ate

Immortals who lived there were the descendants of the Celestial Emperor

They could move in the air at the speed of the wind

The distance between the five islands presented no problem for them

In one day, they could cover several times the distance of 70,000 li separating the islands

However, although the mountains were very large, they had no support and floated in the tide as five large rafts

This worried many who feared our immortal drift to the Far West, a cold and dark, where there was neither sun nor moon

Only an old Dragon holding a candle in his mouth these haunted places

We can easily understand their anxiety

One day, they complained to the Emperor Heavenly

After listening to their complaints, he ordered his minister Yu Jiang, genius of the sea, to solve the problem …

Jiang Yu sent three giant tortoises for each of the mountains, in order to carry and to immobilize

For avoiding excessive fatigue and boredom, he divided them into three teams of 15 turtles, 3 turtles per island, each team working 60 000 years

It was not really their business, but it was an order of the Celestial Emperor, and they were forced to run

Still, they carried the mountains, therefore, firmly settled in the sea wind and waves could not move and felt immortal safer

But in the immortal life as in that of men, sometimes the unexpected occurs

A 46 000 li from the shores of the eastern sea rose Mount Pogue, beneath which lay the land of Dragons

The people of this country were all the size of a large tree

Every day they captured large fish and giant turtles for food

One day, a few giants who were fishing in the sea in the distance saw the giant turtles float, head above water

They forded the distance that separated turtles and threw their lines

Turtles, which carried heavy mountains and had not eaten for thousands of years, had very hungry

The six turtles guarding two of the islands, open wide their mouth and swallowed the bait eagerly

Trapped, they were fired on the beach, leaving the two mountains from drifting

The Giants made it a great meal

With bone chips they made the calculation

With shells, they made shelters for protection from wind and rain

Then came the disaster

The two islands and Daiyu Yuanqiao, thank you to the winds and currents, drifted to the Far West and fell into the dark abyss Guixu

When the Celestial Emperor heard the news, he went into a rage

To punish the giants, he reduced their territory and reduced their size

However, although they were smaller than before, they measured a few meters

But they could not catch the giant tortoises

Therefore, there remained only three islands: Fanghua, Yingzhou and Penglai …


In fact, reading back the other versions, all agree the loss of two islands, but most also, for the total loss of 45 turtles …

So are putting history in phase:

During their journey from the interstellar planets of Eden and Atlantis, destined for the earth to escape the warming of their galaxy of origin, see Chapter: destination earth, the rivalry between the two planets in the galaxy, has only increased as we approached the object of the expedition, the earth, probably best to appropriate the territories to the detriment of another expedition

The EDEN then set up to support and defend the vessels of people, islands, ships of war battleships, turtles, to protect

The Edenic, as the Atlanteans are the main ethnic groups and their respective planets composed of several people involved in this journey, and it is they who control the shipments

The EDEN therefore sent a scout and land the trainer Edenic

And Asians, the second largest population of Eden, arrived on our planet in turn, quickly followed by other populations Eden, Vanes and others which we will discuss in our next chapter: the land

And as we saw in the chapter on Atlantis, the Atlanteans then arrived, followed by other Atlantic populations, the Joseon, the Sumerians, Egyptians, ases and kelts

Atlantis, dissatisfied with the division of territory on earth, so he arrived late on the planet (because of the delay? … All assumptions should be considered) attacked the vessels Eden of people who were still waiting in the space

The Atlanteans wanted to destroy the future édenites immigrants and so maintain and expand their territory

In this Star Wars, they managed to destroy two ships populations, and all the ships of war of armored Edenic

In battle, Atlantis has certainly suffered very heavy losses, expressed in the legend by the shortening of the giants and the reduction of their territory, but we have no story Atlantis now in our possession for more accurate assessment

But surely our primary source of written Atlantean, Egyptian hieroglyphics, could in the near future, we clarify this point …

The main written Atlantis, Atlantis was on …

By cons, they have indirectly achieved their goal, since, observation of the situation, the Edenic considered wiser to leave to another destination, leaving on earth those who preferred to stay there, see the chapter on Asian



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