Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 27 – Atlantis touched … sinked !

Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 27 – Atlantis touched … sinked !

Published July 13, 2009

The rays of the sun we are vital, but they

can also be fatal …

This illustration gives us an idea of the

power of these rays …

the little blue ball is the earth …

the arc is the sun …

the proportions are correct …

The Atlantean colony kelt

There are about 5500 years old, arrived in Europe Atlantean colony of Kelts

It was the most numerous colony after colony of the Atlantean leader of Atlantis

They settled throughout Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals and the limit of the Scandinavian Aesir and Vanir to North Africa

Unlike other Atlanteans, they have not created the city-states, but are diluted in clan villages

They must possess good communication facilities, as they have always proved their cohesion despite the enormous territory they occupied

The war against Atlantis kelts

Given the importance of their group, it was also they who paid the biggest tribute to Atlantis ….

So when after the agreement between the Aesir and Vanir, the latter, the smallest colony

Atlantis, did not pay more tax, it is obvious that the Kelts were not going to continue to fatten Atlantis!

of course, Atlantis could not accept that!

the war between the two main groups Atlantis was declared!

The triskell

the swastika is the symbol of Atlantis

This symbol of a sun quadrupole prove their mastery of space

I remind you, the sun seen from Earth we can see only two of its poles while it is quadrupole, but we can not see that space …

As a sign of rebellion, the Kelts posted up their clear difference in their solar symbol, the swastika, they remove a branch …

From that moment, the emblem of kelts will triskell

The menhirs kelts

Upon arrival, the Kelts began the development of a megalithic intended to heat their territory by creating a leak in the Gulf Stream

So they stopped the work to build four lines of menhirs and other megaliths, starting in Russia and ending in the Atlantic

4 lines of 4000 km!

You do not build 16,000 km of lines of menhirs to look pretty …

16,000 kms of megaliths, it must necessarily be of some use …

And so menhirs, it’s not an ocean current to magnetize or to improve the climate …

In fact, these four lines of megaliths, is a weapon …

This is a battery of MTA !


In addition to the MTA, all of our modern and sophisticated weapons are just toys for kids!

The MTA is the weapon megalithic …

We start with a menhir: it is a stone vibrating antenna, placed on the ground at a point telluric earth current to receive the land and to liaise with cosmic rays, thanks to the vibrations of the stone

Then we unite one or more lines of menhirs, following the telluric currents, for the addition of the strong current of each cosmic menhir

At the destination of the super cosmic ray obtained, the channels by a large standing stone, or a huge megalith, which sends the beam obtained in the nearby stone circle

This cromlech neighbor receives the super beam and uses the ground current to where it is, as a pipe, to direct and compress it through the plate tectonics of about a hundred kilometers

The cosmic ray comes and hit the surface of the terrestrial magma

The shock increases the ripple of the magma that licks the surface of the plate tectonics and the new wave resulting in oscillations will become larger in the direction of rotation of the earth, able to escape through a back

The wave that escapes and goes away the plates to form a lake of magma, where the continental plate above will collapse and swallowed …

Oh, I forgot to tell you: MTA means Magma Tide Amplifier …

Stonehenge and heel stone

The MTA of UK, the most northerly, is that Stonehenge and the heel stone

It seems that the standing stones that form are those of Great Britain and Ireland and those from northern Europe to Russia

Cosmic rays are grouped captured by the heel stone and returned by the stone circle of Stonehenge

Stonehenge in 1877 …

Stonehenge, which means hanging stones, megalithic monument is a circular, located 13 km north of Salisbury (Wiltshire, England)

Stonehenge is composed of four concentric sets of stones:

The set consists of an external large rectangular sandstone blocks that form a circle 30 meters in diameter

Within a second cromlech consists of smaller blocks

Then all trilithons sandstone, each consisting of two vertical blocks topped by a lintel

They are arranged in a horseshoe and inside is a block of sandstone resembling a stone altar

The monument is surrounded by a circular ditch 104 meters in diameter, and a slope or were dug 56 wells: Aubrey holes.

In this circle we can see sandstone monoliths and smaller stones: blue stones

The 56 Aubrey holes according to F. HOYLE (astronomer):

The number 56 is the smallest number for high precision simulation of the movements of the moon and sun.

We have to move a marker representing the sun with two holes in 13 days

Then move in the same direction marker for the moon with two holes per day

Finally moving in the opposite direction diametrical two markers of three holes each year

When the markers of the sun and moon are at the ends of the same diameter (full moon) and that this direction corresponds exactly to the line of nodes there is a total lunar eclipse

This level of knowledge is well above that achieved by the Chaldean astrology at its peak, a millennium later

With a lead of two holes every 13 days, the marker representing the sun runs around the circle in 364 days, the error on the true year is only 1 day and 6 hours, and just a refresher day annual summer solstice

With his lead of two holes per day, the marker representing the moon is right, since it around the circle in 28 days

Markers representing the line of nodes (3trous every year) makes them run a lap in 18.27 years (the exact figure is 18.6)

The heel is a menhir stone emerging from 7.60 m high, 5.20 m wide and thick

of 2.40 m

He was buried about 1.20 m

It weighs about 35 tons

During the summer solstice is in line with the sun and Stonehenge

It is outside the stone circle about a hundred meters

Of course, the arrangement of megaliths is quite complex and I do not pretend to have fully understood by, I think just to have collected a comprehensive plan

There has to be megaliths which act as relays and bulk transmission first, then more and more important, to reach the destination group menhir in order to obtain the largest possible radius

Er Lannic and Locmariaquer

South of Stonehenge, the WMA is Breton, south of Auray in Morbihan

The standing stones which compose it are certainly all the megaliths of Britain and the megaliths of the Interior are to Russia, the cromlech Er Lannic and the great menhir Locmariaquer

Cosmic rays are taken together by the great menhir Locmariaquer and returned by the cromlech Er Lannic

The islet of Er Lannic is known for its double cromlec’h, a megalithic unique form of eight
72 The menhirs which it is composed are arranged in two circles, one visible on the island and the other immersed

These alignments appear to be astronomical orientation, a few degrees

near or on the cardinal points, or sunrises or sunsets on lunar or solar specific, allowing the prediction of eclipses
The island with its menhirs Lannic Er, adjacent island and its famous mounds Gavrinis

At that time these islands were not yet!
That is why some menhirs rest to 1.50 m below the lowest tides

Given the tidal current, this implies a lower sea level of at least 6m in their original location

Legend has it that the stones would be the devil’s teeth biting the earth in anger

To bite the ground, the teeth should be upside down!

But biting corresponds to the penetration of cosmic rays of the MA!
To get there, it is only possible by boat and you see the stars well enough to take you to tour the Gulf

The great menhir Locmariaquer is broken into 4 pieces

Whole he weighed 347 tons and was 23 meters high, it was probably the largest menhir in the region
Also known as the Men Hroeg er, the rock of the fairy, the menhir is composed of orthogneisses that are not found naturally only 10 km to a minimum, suggesting the feat achieved for transportation
It is likely, given its orientation and the state breaks it has been deliberately broken

Four huge blocks lying on the ground mark the memory of what may have been one of the greatest technical achievements of mankind: the extraction, processing, transport of ten kilometers and the erection of monolith of a 23m long with a mass of nearly 350 tons, and that there are over 5000 years!

Not to mention the feat to break it …

As if it were a match!

Already in 1778, the geographer Ogée s’in, interrogator on the rock making up the majority of large blocks of megalithic Locmariaquer
Since then, geologists have shown that it was an orthogneiss which the only sites identified

(Near Auray, of Bono, Arradon or Sarzeau) are separated by about six miles at least

The examination of the great menhir shows that the block was regulated by picketing, probably with heavy hammers of stone, almost all of its surface
This work has helped carve a large cart sign chopper at half maximum, still visible in the middle fragment

Only the base of the block remained raw for about 2.50 m long (the depth of the pit stall)

At the lower end, however, a small rounded surface is carefully dotted, the real ball had to make adjustment of the stone in position perfect balance

Breakage of the monolith has always excited the imagination

Breakage of the three aligned fragments on the ground have large splinters
The principal fracture is rather remarkably frank and seems to have been caused from slight indentations visible on his lips

No reliable historical evidence evokes the great menhir still standing when the manual control of the 15th century detailing the entrance to the Morbihan probably would not fail to evoke such a bitter remarkable (a very bitter is a landmark visible for navigation)

The arrangement of the fragments suggests that the monolith has been prepared prior to fall, several hypotheses have been recently re-discussed by F. Candles, like lightning to be excluded, because it is broken into 4 pieces, or an earthquake more likely, although unlikely
Slaughter by man was also considered

It was well thought of Gallo-Roman (the monolith is located outside a major metropolitan antique Venetian), but J. The Helgouac’ha suggested that those responsible would have been the Neolithic themselves, a few centuries after its erection

Canga de Onis : Chapel of the Cathedral and Santa Cruz

South of Er Lannic, the WMA is Iberian in Asturias, the mountains of the north coast of Spain, between the Basque Country and Galicia, in the valley of Contranquil, west of Santander

The standing stones which compose it are certainly all the megaliths of the Iberian Peninsula and the megaliths in southern Europe that go to Russia, the cromlech of the chapel of Santa Cruz and the menhir of the Cathedral of Ribadesella

Cosmic rays are grouped captured by the menhir of the Cathedral of Ribadesella and returned by the cromlech of the chapel of Santa Cruz

But there’s a catch!

There’s no cromlech!

At least there is more …

I could have chosen to be the likely cromlech of La Corona de Campoo in Cantabria, not far from that just under 100 km, but the site of Santa Cruz is exactly where it should be cromlech …

I could have chosen the menhirs of Ovienes, but rather part of the type alignments …

In the chapel of Santa Cruz, there is a dolmen …

Finally, more precisely: in the basement of the chapel!

Knowing that this dolmen was built atop an artificial hill built in the Neolithic, it was necessary to raise the ground, why destroy or remove the stone circle, then fill the top of the hill and build a chapel on it!

You really had to want to cover here pagan!

In fact, the Santa Cruz chromlech was there!

How else to explain it was absolutely necessary to neutralize this pagan site and reclaim the site in Christian

In these troubled times, almost all of Spain is dominated Moor

In this mountainous region, making these gigantic works in the year 700 means that they must at all costs be Christian grouping

The South chromlechs is precisely characterized by a circular enclosure dominated by a large menhir and inside of the enclosure is a mound on a raised embankment usually about 6 meters

Simply remove the standing stones of the circle and fill the hill to build a chapel at the top

This is precisely what has been done in Santa Cruz

This was done by order of the Gaudiosa, Queen of Asturias, to legitimize its power and integrate Catholicism in its grip on the country, but also to appropriate, superstition forces, the force of old beliefs

It has built over the Neolithic site, the chapel of santa cruz

His granddaughter, in commemoration of the Battle of Covadonga Favila won by his father in 722, the first victory of the reconquest of the country of the Moors, built a vault in the dolmen and there buried his father

Only in 1572, Ambrosio de Morales, columnist Philip II, recalled the existence of Favila’s tomb in the crypt of the chapel

From that moment, the faithful will extract from the land of the crypt, as it quickly became known for its healing miraculaires!

These excavations made it possible for the historian, the father señalaba Carvallo, to note the presence of the dolmen in the crypt!


Asilah is a charming little seaside town located 45km south of Tangier

25km south of Asilah, Larache on the road to the village of Chouahed, there is the cromlech of M’Soura

It consists of a circle of standing stones that reach 176 meters high and 5.40 surrounding an elliptical mounds 55 and 59 meters in diameter, raised to 6 meters

Hey … just like in Santa Cruz …

According to legend, this monument is the tomb of the giant Antaeus, son of Neptune and Earth, after the Hercules had struck

Interestingly, in the legend, the earth, the sea, just what is the cromlech …

The standing stones that make up the WMA Africa, the further south, are certainly all the megaliths of the coast of North Africa from Morocco to Tunisia and those of Mediterranean

Sicily, Corsica, Malta, etc … and those of Greece, Turkey and Lebanon, the cromlech and the great menhir M’Soura

Cosmic rays are taken together by the great menhir M’Soura and returned by the cromlech of M’Soura

The sinking of Atlantis

Iceland as the Azores or Saint Helena, the axis of the mid-Atlantic ridge coincides with a mantle plume, hot rocks rise from the base of the lower mantle

This greatly increases the heat of magma production and marks the line where the plates diverge Eurasia / North America at a rate of about 2 cm / year

If one draws a line from Stonehenge to Er Lannic continuing to Santa Cruz and then to M’Soura, we see that these four MTA , the battery MTA in fact, form a line parallel to the axis of the plate tectonics on which Atlantis

So just put the last piece connecting the four stone circles at the same time, the eve of summer solstice

In fact these four MTA arm for when the sun will be there as long to send its rays all day on the magma, to get a real onslaught of waves …

This will send from sunrise to sunset on the Mid-Atlantic, 4 assaults of waves of magma that will remove the ridge at the same time, the entire length of Atlantis and engulf this island-continent

It happened and there was 5000 years …

The flight of the Gulf Stream

After the disappearance of Atlantis, it was necessary to disarm the MTA and destroy parts that can help remake the MT

The sinking of Atlantis was certainly not expected: the Kelts did not think that their weapons would be as powerful …

They just wanted qu’Atlantide is half submerged, come immediately to recover the infrastructure that would enable them to maintain their technological lead …

Miscalculation, destroying Atlantis, they destroyed their future, because Atlantis was maintaining in exchange for tax …

There remained, then, to establish the menhirs assets necessary to cause a leak of the Gulf Stream to Europe, so that at least they have at least a suitable climate, while they still had the means to do …



money is the human predator
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