Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 25 – The Maya of eastern

Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 25 – The Maya of eastern

Published July 13, 2009

Head enormous: more than 30 tons!

The Mayas of south or north , or east or west?

The origins of the oldest Mayan tribes are lost in the mists of time

No one remembers the place where they come

The southern Maya had already disappeared when the great Mayan cities of Yucatan attinrent their peak

The Mayans lived primarily on the Atlantic coast, north of the Yucatan and eventually migrate to the south and is divided

Only those who settled in Yucatan managed to reach the power of a great civilization
Here is what the scientists say

Actually the Maya to the south of Peru and those north of Mexico

But Atlantis is to ignore their origin and especially the reasons why the Atlanteans settled there …

The Mayan West

Remember, we examined the early chapter of Atlantis, the story of their brief foray into South America, came to India from the west, and settled on the Pacific coast, west coast, for their work on the Easter Island

Has remained a small colony of babysitting … ….

The Mayan East

This time is different, the Atlanteans have understood: the coalition of the Atlantic colonies of the Aesir with the Vanir Asian colony in the short term will start a war …

We must therefore protect the rear of Atlantis, and then install a colony in Central America, on the Atlantic coast, the coast is enough army to protect Atlantis from an attack from the west

East Mayan history 

The history of the Mayan calendar is starting with their: in 3114 BC

Knowing that we are in 2007, so it was 5121 years ago

We can therefore date the second installation of Atlantis in Central America at that time

And so unfortunately we have almost no documents on the first time about 6000 years ago in an area that is now Peru to Central America, we have many more elements of this second period

And their history we are well aware that their behavior is a behavior of Atlantean … ….

Since Atlantis will sink to – 5000, it left them little time to install them, and therefore as in the south before, the Atlantean groups left alone on the site will therefore have to live here and create city-states that will soon be at war against each other

As their first foray, the short duration of their presence here does not allow them to establish a civilization, as in other Atlantean colonies

The Chilam Balam

To tell the story of the Maya, as we have documents that the books of the Popol Vuh that we have already discussed in the beginning of this chapter and where the Atlanteans are involved in the Mayan Chilam Balam and is speaking to us West of the Maya

Chilam Balam (of Chumayel): sacred jewel of the Mayan people, the Book of Books

The Chilam Balam-Cast (Jaguars) was discovered shortly after the conquest of America by the Spanish

This book belonged to the priestly order of the Maya, and it was originally written in language Zuyua, which is assumed to be the mother of the Mayan language, which was handed down from father to son by Maya rulers

Periodically, members of ruling families were subject to examination in the language of Zuyua by the College of Interpreters Jaguars, to ensure that no impostor infiltrated among them

Zuyua is the name of a mythical place where the people came from Maya (Atlantis)

Only men could be chiefs from Zuyua

So it also had to check this place home, regularly review Zuyua ritual language, which allowed those who held to recognize the true knowledge and understand God’s word

(The word of the gods of Atlantis)

The first question to be asked by the interviewer is:

He asked for food to bring the sun

The examination, named for my son, is supported by the palm of his hand flat on that of the interrogator

A spear is planted, a high cross in the middle of his heart

A green jaguar is placed above the sun to drink his blood

Zuyua is wisdom

The sun is what is required: a large disk

This is the spear and the cross planted in his heart high

In other words, Atlantis: am bringing a dish for us supplies of Atlantis ….

The original Mayan language, which was originally written in the Chilam Balam-

Chumayel is different from all other human languages, and it was shown that its characters are very old

What deep mysteries behind the letter of Chilam-Balam of Chumayel?.

That’s what this says about this holy book:

What’s inside this book and what needs to be explained is not the sight of all

Those who know come from our great line, Mayan men

They will know what it means when they read it, and they will see it and then they will explain

History of the manuscript Chumayel of Chilam Balam

Books of Chilam Balam are the sacred books of the Maya of Yucatan and were baptized with the title of their last prophet

Chilam or Chilan, was the title which means it was the interpreter of the gods

Balam means jaguar, but it is also a common surname in the Yucatan, also the title of the manuscript could be translated: the prophet Balam

Several cities in the northern Yucatan had a Chilam Balam, which is why this designation was supplemented by the name of the city to which the book belonged

Thus the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel from a village in the area Tekax, northwest of the city of Teabo

The prophet Balam of Chumayel lived during the last decades of the fifteenth century and probably the first of the sixteenth century

He planned the arrival of foreigners from the east that would establish a new religion

The fulfillment of this prediction has consolidated its reputation

Books of Chilam Balam were written in the Mayan language, but the manuscripts that the first European missionaries adapted in Spanish were not found

As the Popol Vuh, the Christian translators have censored and introduced into the Maya texts notions of Christianity, which have nothing to do

Fortunately for us he did not touch that they did not understand and did not seem evil … ….

Their goal was of course to use the Maya texts at the end to convert people … ..

And of course they banned the idols and sacrilegious to people persecuted shamans, supposed to be evil ….

On July 12, 1562, with the help of Landa Diego Quijada (Governor of Yucatan) organized a book burning at Mani where hieroglyphic codices were burned 27 of buckskin and 5000 idols …

After that, of all the sacred books were hidden by the Mayan and it is a great opportunity for us because we have since found other Chilam Balam, including those of: Tizimin,

Kaua, Ixil, Tekax, Nah, Mani, Oxkutzcab, Nabul, Tihosuco, Tixcocob and Hocabá

A comparison with the books and the Chilam Balam of Chumayel, proves that most of the articles of the latter are transcriptions of old manuscripts Mayan hieroglyphic

The manuscript of Chilam Balam of Chumayel

The manuscript of Chumayel of Chilam Balam in Yucatan date of 1775/1800 and is a collection intended for priestly Mayan priests

It includes:

the conquest of Yucatan by the Spanish

Mayan religious rites, including the ritual of the four cardinal points (in each direction are associated territories of the emperors, colors, flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables and stones)

the conquest of power by Hunac Ceel which was the capital of Chichen Itza Mayan

the duties of the emperors

the creation of the world

the history of the Yucatan



the prophecies of the Chilam Balam

Mayan Predictions

2012 is an important date in history maya

It marks the end of three cycles of the Mayan calendar: 26,000 years, 5125 years and 13 years

The Chilam Balam, Mayan defined the era 5125 years from -3114 to 2012 ….

What makes the good fortune of many forecasters announcing that date all kinds of things since the end of the world to a fantastic new era …

According to the Mayan calendar, 1992 is the first year of the last period of the last stage, stage 13, the last of the great cycle

In the Mayan calendar, the last 20 years is called the period of purification of the earth

In this period, the earth is purified, including human hearts

This prophecy is very similar to the prophecies of the Indians of North America

The evil will be eliminated and the property will be retained

After purification, the earth out of the galactic radius and will reach the galactic synchronization

According to the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012, this cycle of human civilization will end

After that, human civilization will enter a completely new, unrelated to the present civilization

The day of the winter solstice, the sun will be in conjunction with the intersection of the ecliptic and equator of the galaxy, creating a portal of the sky in the dark cracks of the Milky Way, which is like opening a door to the heavens to the earth

In fact it will only move to a new date, one day, as when we reached the year 2000 … ….



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