Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 24 – Scandinavian Legends

Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 24 – Scandinavian Legends

Published July 13, 2009

Balmung, the sword of Sigmund

The sword of Sigmund

Rerir won fame on the battlefields and fame in the Councils

Yet his heart was bleeding because he had no son

He implored Odin after sacrificing a black cock on a flat stone where the master of the gods carved runes

– Odin, I Rerir the warrior, I beg you standing with arms crossed in front of the body of the cock: take care that the smiles and cries of anger give a child a life in my house
Odin, master of secret things, sent the woman to Rerir a messenger of an apple
– Women, bite into the apple and get a son
Thus Rerir had he a boy he called Volsung
For years the world heard of the exploits of North Volsung, which exceeded by the bravest of the brave bersekers
Volsung had a son, he named Sigmund
As Volsung and his people were celebrating the birth of the boy, a skinny black man and entered the hall and asked the Horn of beer hospitality

Volsung gave him a horn rimmed silver, full of mead
– Woods in the Horn of my father Rerir, stranger! Never was there such glorious
The black man emptied the horn before Volsung had finished his sentence
– I dipped my lips that day to drink another horn, Volsung

Far from here, at the foot of the Arc-en-Ciel

I still have a taste on the lips of iron and flour toasted, charred root and tooth old boar, squirrel hair and dried blood

Volsung understood that this solitary traveler had drunk from the horn of the Gods

He invited him to sit in the chair with carved amounts

The stranger refused
– I celebrated the birth of a child in the home of the Gods

Bonfires lit up the huge halls and smells of the meat reached to the ceiling made of golden shields

The child is called Tyr and he will be a god.
Volsung and his guests drank to the glory of the young Tyr
The stranger approached the cradle where Sigmund and slept uttered these mysterious words:
– Volsung, the life of your son Sigmund will reflect the tumultuous fate of the god Tyr
He designed a sign above the child, wrapped his coat and disappeared into the night without greeting the assembly
The time came, Volsung died, while Sigmund exceeded its twentieth year
Sigmund was the tall, broad chest, the haughty temper of the men of his race

The sagas were already celebrating his feats of arms, the girls were trying to attract his eye, seasoned warriors, under the white conical helmet and leather Brogne, the example cited in
In the whirl of swords, Sigmund was the best
The friends of his father sometimes evoked the traveler thin and black had considered the cradle and placed the new-born under the sign of the god Tyr, master of valor …
One winter evening, Sigmund and twenty companions watched in the great hall of the castle of Inglingar, drinking and talking, sitting in a circle around a tree stump of which was the center of this fort, built on the site a forest
A man entered unannounced

Thin, dark complexion, he left his coat on his shoulders float
He unbuckled his sword, and without apparent effort, drove it to the hilt in the strain of the tree
– It will be for one who has the strength to rescue him from this trunk
He disdained to say more and retired, stealth like a shadow, leaving the astonished warriors
Hengist, master Inglingar, tried the first test
The sword did not move a quarter of an inch
Hrolf the Bear, the prodigious strength, the guard shook with such force that his knuckles turned white
He did not shake the blade
Leif, Olaf, Thorkel le Roux, ten others failed

There was talk of magic and witchcraft.
Came the turn of Sigmund
When he put his hand on the handle of bronze, adorned with signs, a wave of heat went through her body, and he knew that the breath of Tyre was in him
He freed the sword of the strain, as easily as he would have taken away the scabbard
Hengist put a hand on the shoulder
– I know the name of the visitor in the evening, Sigmund, Destiny is on
Therefore, the hero’s life appeared as a reflection of the fate of the god Tyr
The sword Sigmund gave invincible
He fought the Danes and Germans
He pushed the Lapps to the icy land where the northern lights are born
He went on Sigval the Berserk Rebel, on an iceberg
He defeated the Angles, the Irish and carried the war into the countries of the sunny south where golden apples ripen on evergreen trees
His life was like a raging torrent rolling rocks and trunks, grown constantly new waters
When Sigmund thought of looking back, his hair graying

He then returned to his house the Store Borge and his wife bore him a son, he named Sigurd
One night he met in a dream the god Tyr
A golden light fell from the roof of a cave

Birds of fire passed like lightning
Tyre, sitting on a pile of furs, conversing with Sindri the dwarf wizard of the mountain of Spartalheim
– I ask the help of your dwarf blacksmiths, Sindri

They should make me a chain strong enough to hinder Fenrir the giant wolf, who becomes a danger to the inhabitants of Valhalla
– There is no chain that resists the fury of the great wolf, Tyr … you know he broke all the fetters which he had been charged …
The dwarf thought for a long time, the head in his hands
– We weave a bond that will not break Fenrir

Yes, a link that will be made of six things in one night … we can finish the work, Tyre, trust me
The dwarf went to work

They wove together not a cat, the root of a rock, the beard of a woman, the soul of a fish, bird droppings and the sigh of a bear

Thus they obtained a line of one hundred feet long, which they designated as the Tyr Gleipnir which experienced resistance
The cave and disappeared in the fog at sea, the island appeared Armwartner which depended on the Kingdom of Odin
The wolf Fenrir and the gods were face to face
Tyr was the link Gleipnir.
– Fenrir, he says, we thee bound with ropes and suiffées you broke the moorings

We hindered thee with chains and you have broken the shackles

I defy you to come to the end of this link I reported land North

Unless you do not refuse the test for fear of Odin …
Fenrir, the muzzle of the claws of the forelegs, feared some trap

Caution struggled against pride
Suddenly he stood up, hair bristling, his eyes flashed yellow
– I fear neither Odin or Thor or other gods

I agree to be bound, but on one condition … Whether you place a hand in my mouth, all the time that will last the test

If the gods are trying to pass me the halter, I would dispose of my teeth that hand to the wrist
The gods looked at each other, embarrassed
Tyre held out his right hand
– Here is my hand as a token of good faith
Thor, Njord and Aegir enserrèrent the wolf in the braid magic Sindri

Fenrir struggled with all his might wild, leaping, rolling, screaming … The link did not give
The gods laughed, glad to see their mortal enemy powerless
The fangs closed upon the hand of Tyr

The blood spurted into the lion’s mouth

Tyre had left his right hand in the adventure
He turned to Thor:
– Tie him to a rock thrower … thunder Fenrir will not be able to combat the harmful Ragnarok … I sacrificed my hand to the threat of evil was discarded
Sigmund awoke, experiencing a vague uneasiness
Sigurd chattered in her crib
That same day, as the hero visiting his flock, he was attacked by seven robbers on the edge of the forest
Lazy flakes falling on the grass yellowed
Sigmund fought hard and killed the robbers
The snow now covered the prairies, adhered to the upper branches of trees
– What is the meaning of this dream? Sigmund questioned. Tyr did he inform me of a coming end?
A black man and thin, floating in a dark coat, went out of wood

He brandished a spear in sparkling iron
Sigmund ran on the opponent, thinking that this was the leader of the band

He struck a blow of his sword

The blade broke in two on the wood of the spear

A strange weakness undermined the hero’s body
He then recognized the traveler, a winter night, had pressed the magic sword in the strain of Inglingar

The single eye shone with a quiet radiance
– Odin, he whispered, falling in the snow
– Sigmund, it is time to cross the border of life

I was there at your birth and I will dedicated to the god Tyr … I am here today to help you pass into the world of the dead

Monsters and giants stand up and roar

The great battle of the end times approach

The god Tyr will need all his brave …
Sigmund smiles
– I am ready … I will sit at the table of the gods to drink the wine bitter and hard of fame

I have no other ambition than to be a reflection of Tyre in silver armor
Odin spread his cloak on the hero
– Have you not a wish that I could fulfill on this earth, Sigmund?
Volsung’s son leaned on one elbow
– The sword! that binds the two parties … That refers to the sword my son Sigurd, that continues the saga of the Volsung
Odin smiles
– I will

At night, a thin man and black will look at the cradle of your son
Thus died Sigmund

The flakes fell thick
And in the sky, the burden of the Valkyries burst like a thunder

The messengers of death opened the doors to the hero of gold and ivory of Valhalla …


Balmung was given by Odin to Wayland the Smith, the latter pushing the tree Branstock, an oak tree in the Palace of Volsung

Odin then declared that he could pull it out, would know that the victory on the battlefield

Nine of the Volsung princes tried but only the younger succeeded

His name was Sigmund
This sword was presented by Wotan in the line of Volsungs

The sword was broken against the wood of Gungnir, the Spear of Odin

It was later reforged by Regin, to defeat the dragon Fafnir

Siegfried in his journey to the land of the Burgundians was attacked by the dwarf Alberich

Alberich was the guardian of the treasure of the Nibelungs, as Siegfried and left him still alive, he proposed some of these treasures, including the famous sword

Atlantean legends and Asian

It’s telling you something that sword down in the strain?

Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur … ….

It should be noted that all so-called magical objects, all have a name, in fact to indicate their special compared to a similar object, which does not have these properties

… magic.

So of course you noticed that the beer was a sacred drink, as in other populations Atlantis …

On the other hand, it is clear that all the legends and myths that have survived to this day, in fact are not legends, but historical accounts reworked, often by people who could not understand the technicality used, tracing the lives of Atlantis and Asians at the time from -8000 to -4000 before present, with the technology they had

Thor and Skrymir

It is said that one day Thor decided to challenge the giants in their own country

He needed it to cross the Jotunheim and go to Utgard, the city of King Loki

Thor took the road along with the cunning of a human and Loki Midgard, Thialfi

Thor and his companions walked a long time and one night in a forest, they stopped for the night in two isolated caves, one high and one smaller
The night was difficult, the caves being shaken at regular intervals by an inexplicable tremor
In the morning Thor left the shelter and noticed a gigantic being asleep on the forest floor The hum of the giant was responsible for the bad night they had to go!
Thor was not one to be patient: it buckled the belt that doubled his size and strength, grabbed his hammer Mjollnir and prepared to pay the price of the giant’s wrath

But at that time, the giant awoke
– What is your name, Giant?, Asked Thor
– I Skrymir

I do not ask your name because I recognized you, Thor of Asgard … But what do your friends in my glove?
The large cave where they had spent the night was actually the giant glove!
– I go to visit the king Utgard, Thor said
– Very well, said Skrymir, we can walk together, I go in that direction too

I will carry your luggage so that we move faster
Suiting the action to the word, Skrymir made a bundle of all cases and threw it over his shoulder

Follow the giant all day is a test for the travelers and they were glad to see the dark
The giant said he was not hungry and wanted to sleep, leaving Thor and his companions take care of their meals

Thor then picked up the bundle of the giant, trying to untie

But despite his strength and his efforts, he did not succeed

Taken a rage, he took his hammer, mounted the sleeper’s head and gave him a terrible blow! The giant turned, muttering in his sleep had been a leaf falling from a tree
These words increased tenfold the wrath of Thor

He wields Mjollnir high into the sky and struck hard on the top of the skull of the giant

But again Skrymir did not wake up and whispered to him was an acorn fell on her head

So Thor, at the height of fury, repeatedly swung his terrible weapon and struck with all his might the temple of the giant

This time Skrymir awoke and said:
– Let’s put us on the way, Thor friend

Here, no way to sleep, birds nest in this tree and I keep getting twigs

Also, I’m sure you hurry to reach Utgard and admire the royal court

You will see the sacred guys, would you believe they called me “little guy”!
After another day’s journey, the travelers finally reached Utgard

Skrymir had left shortly before the

They entered the palace of the king and Thor stepped boldly between the rows of giants, to the throne of the king he bowed
– Hello, little gnat

Is it possible that you are the mighty Thor of Asgard? You have to be much stronger than you seem!
Thor said nothing and the king said:
– Know that no one is admitted to my yard if it outperforms the others by one of these talents

In what areas do you excel, you and your companions?
Loki then went:
– I can eat more and faster than anyone!
Utgard-Loki said:
– While you eat, boy!
Loki and soon found himself facing a wooden trough full of meat

Facing him was a giant named Logi

The duel began
Loki was hungry and was eating solid

Yet he had to bow

For if he and Logi arrived exactly in the middle of the trough, Loki had eaten the bones and meat, whereas Logi had also eaten the wood!
– I hope your deeds will catch up with the failure of your friend

What can you do, kid? Said Utgard-Loki, turning to Thialfi
– I am not an Ase, I’m just a simple man of Midgard

Yet I run fast! answered Thialfi
– Say no more, I have an adversary to your position

It’s called Hugi. said the king
It was decided that the race would be held in the hall, the competitors up to a given goal before returning to their starting point

Hugi triumphed easily Thialfi have not even reached the goal when the giant crossed the finish line!
– I hope you will do better than your companions, Thor of Asgard

In what area do you feel ready to perform a feat? Utgard-Loki asked
Thor said:
I drink more than anyone else
– So, you drink! Here is a cut

Empty it all at once can be considered as an achievement

Most of us drink it in sips, small drinkers in the three empty
Thor looked at the cup, it was quite big but it doubted to need more than one mouthful to finish

Then he drank a large mouthful

But when out of breath he put the cup, as he found all that the level was barely decreased
– It was a nice sip a drink but it was ordinary! Probably do you expect to complete the cut in the second sip … said Utgard-Loki
At these words Thor grabbed the cup and drank a lot longer! But when choking again, he put the cup, he found that the level had not changed much!
– Oh, oh! You reserve for the third sip? asked the king
This time, Thor lifted up the cup but strangely unable to bring it to the top of the head as he would have liked

Then he drank long, long time

But when the third time he put the cup, he found that if the level was well down, the cut was far from empty

Despite this, Thor said he did not want to drink
– Looks like you’re not the champion that we imagined! Maybe you want to challenge us in another fun? said the king of the giants
– In the Aesir, they would not have to sip my sips, saw Thor, what other challenges do you suggest me?
– The kids have fun in the city sometimes lift my cat from the floor, said Utgard-Loki, maybe this kind of achievement is it to your position …
Thor said nothing and walked to the cat in order to run it across the room

It was a beautiful gray cat in size, but Thor did not have a hard time lifting

He put both hands under the belly of the cat and pulled

But despite all his efforts, he managed to do just one leg off the ground!
– It’s normal, said Utgard-Loki, you are being a weak and my cat is actually quite large
– Thor then entered an indescribable anger:
– That one of you dares to challenge me in single combat and see if I’m miserable!
– Calm down, little

None of us would want such an abortion opponent to

I can only offer you a fight with my old nurse Elli

It is old but it’s probably fun for the fight with Thor of Asgard!
Thor agreed, promising to eject the old before challenging the king

An old woman came forward and then to Thor s’aggrippa

They fought a while back and forth

But on a sudden surge over the Ase was obliged to put one knee
Utgard-Loki ordered immediately stop fighting, fearing that his host wounded
– It is now clear that you do not we equal nothing, said the king, though it’s late and I will give hospitality to dawn

But it will be necessary from all three
Thor and his companions were so royally entertained by his court Utgardloki and the rest of the night

In the morning, the king himself accompanied her to the gates of the city and asked:
– So Thor, what do you think of your visit with us? Have you met someone more powerful than the Aesir?
– I can not claim to have acquired much honor on this trip, admitted Thor, and I feel great sadness at the thought that you will now consider myself a complete abortion
– Now that we are outside of my city, Thor, I must tell you something

I live, you will never set foot in Utgard! I had the fright of my life and I thought you were going to destroy us all

– Are you kidding me! cried Thor
– Not at all

In fact since the beginning, you and your friends had been victims of my illusions

I was the giant Skrymir you cross the forest

And if you have not managed to resolve my ballot because he was magically forged

About the shots that you believed me, know that I put a mountain between me and your hammer

And each of your shots, the least of which would have taken the life, created a deep valley

Regarding the tests you have had, I would say this

It is no wonder that Loki was beaten by my Logi when it came to eat

Logi is none other than the fire that devours everything in its path

Hugi and your servant who beat the race is actually thought, that nothing can exceed

Then when you drank in my horn, I soaked the other end in the ocean

You drank so much that the sea receded shoreline, which is now called the ebb tide

As for my cat behind the illusion was Jormungand, the Midgard serpent that encircles the earth

You’ve raised so high that it almost touched the heavens, we all trembled at the sight

Finally, my old nurse Elli was none other than old age to which no one can resist
At these words Thor raised his hammer to smash the King

But Utgard-Loki and his city disappeared in a flash of light, revealing a grassy plain and empty.
Thor turned round and he and his companions returned to Asgard without a word and without looking back
Thus ended the expedition of Thor in Jotunheim, the land of Giants

The gods

We see in this legend that no one was to the gods of worship

They are called gods because they come from elsewhere …

And if they are feared, it is only because their technological means give them the power of destruction …





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