Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 23 – The Norse gods

Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 23 – The Norse gods

Published July 13, 2009

Odin, Odhin, Wotan …

Every day Odin sends his two ravens, Hugin and Mugina fly over the world to tell him what’s going on in men …
At the end of each day, the two crows engage in a mad race to see who will join his master before the other


The father of the gods is also known under the name of Wotan
He is the son of Bor and brother of Bestla Wili and We
His grandfather Buri is born when the cow licked the ice Audhumbla of a mountain
God of poetry, he resorted to a ruse to steal the Mead of Inspiration at Giant Suttung who kept

The Havamal said he remained suspended from the World Tree nine days and nine nights to get the secret of the runes

He was also known as the hanging or the lord of the gallows because he had the power to resurrect the hanged

God of war, it was associated with strategy and cunning rather than strength and courage were dead warriors to Valhalla in Asgard

Odin had but one eye, having sacrificed an eye to drink from the fountain of knowledge.

Sleipnir, Odin’s gray horse had eight legs and it was a horse like no other, for which no obstacle was too high

It’s Loki, metamorphosed into a mare, which was protruding from the stallion Sleipnir Svadilfari to generate
Odin had especially Gungnir, the spear that never missed its target
He is accompanied by Geri and Freki, two wolves and Hugin, mind, and Munin, memory, two crows told him all they had seen and heard
Of his palace, Idafeld in the center of Asgard, it monitors the world on his throne, Hlidskialf


The strongest of the gods, Thor was also the most revered

Huge, with his red beard, his eyes blazing and his terrible rage, he played the bravery of the warrior

Famous for its giant-killing exploits, he was revered as a leading defender of Asgard and Midgard and protective order against the chaos
Son of Odin and Jord, the earth, he lived with his wife Sif in a palace of 540 rooms, the largest ever built

He traveled in a chariot drawn by two goats magicians, Grinds, and criss-teeth-teeth: if there was a lack of food, they could kill and eat them, provided they leave the bones intact, and goats were recovering

Thor had his hammer Mjollnir also, and a belt which increased his strength by half when he was
Thor appears especially as the enemy of the giants, especially during its incursions into Jotunheim he killed the powerful Geirrod returning with such force a ball of molten iron that had launched her opponent, she crossed Geirrod, the pillar behind which he was hiding and the exterior wall

However, its relations with the giants were not always hostile

He conceived a son with the same two giant Jarnaxa iron knife, which was predicted to survive to Ragnarök and inherit Mjollnir in the new era
In the real world, Thor was associated with the elements, especially in storms: it was said that the thunder was the sound of his chariot across the sky

Travelers invoked his protection before you travel and at every flash, remembered all his power.


God of coastal waters and fisheries, the father of Freyr and Freyja, who accompanied him in Asgard as hostages after a war between Aesir and Vanir

In Asgard, Njord married Skadi, daughter of Thiassi.
The couple initially agreed to share their time between the house of Njord, by the sea, and that of his wife, on mountain tops, ends up living separately

It protects and provides browsers around him the wealth


Njord’s son, husband of Gerda, his palace called Alfheim
God of fertility, associated with the sun and rain, prosperity and fertility, it was the twin brother of Freyja

He had the wild boar Gullenbursti gold, which drew his chariot, and a wonderful boat, Skidbladnir that could travel on land, sea and air, and withdraw up to the size of a handkerchief

He also had a magic sword, but gave it to his servant Skirnir for helping to get the hand of the giant of the earth who became his wife Gerd

Thus it will be disarmed at the Ragnarök.
Freyr was worshiped especially during the winter solstice in order to obtain good crops the following year


Goddess of love and birth, death and fertility, or the whole cycle of human life

Vanes in the family, she went to Asgard with his father Njord and his twin brother Freyr after the agreement with the Aesir

Associated with luxury and love of beautiful objects, it did not show scruples about how to acquire

She consented to sex with four dwarves to get the priceless necklace Brisingamen

She was also very courageous: it was the only one who dared to serve the mead drunk Hrungnir when the giant threatened to destroy Asgard.
His anger was terrifying.
Incarnation of sexual desire, she was famous for its prurient nature and passionate

Loki accused him of sleeping with all the Aesir, including his own brother, and giant Hyndla accused him of chasing the males as a goat in heat

It aroused in turn all kinds of entities: the giant Thrym stole Thor’s hammer to exchange it against Freyja, and the dwarf Alviss fatal had the idea to challenge the wisdom of Odin, in the hope of get Freyja as a reward if he won

Another legend says that the giant builder of the foundations of Asgard asked in payment the sun, moon, and Freyja: a trinity that would symbolize the light, life and fertility.
It also has its dark side

He came to haunt the battlefield, killing both Odin and welcoming in its field of Folkvang warriors she had chosen

Like Odin, she practiced magic, this powerful sorcery known as the Sejdhr

“The most renowned of the goddesses,” as called the Prose Edda, was just as interested in power than beauty

Passionate nature, Freyja displayed a relentless determination to get what she wanted


The most beautiful of the gods was associated with joy and light

It owes its importance to the events surrounding his death, caused by the jealousy of Loki: he was killed by a sprig of mistletoe that he had unwittingly launched his twin brother blind

Attempts to get him out of Hel were also prevented by Loki

The Havamal, poem of the Edda says that he and his brother both resurrected and live the advent of the new world that has replaced the current one, destroyed by Ragnarok


Spiritual son of Odin, god of the dawn, living in the palace Himingbjoerg, it is the companion and guardian of the rainbow, rainbow Bifrost

Bifrost is the rainbow in the sky that connects Asgard and Midgard in Norse mythology

It is a tireless watchman as he still keeps an eye on the activities of the giants
Giallahorn his horn, never leaves it with her because it will prevent the final battle of the gods, the Ragnarok where he and Loki will kill each other
It gave birth to three children: Thrall the slave, free man Karl, Jarl and the count, the ancestors of three classes


Son of Odin, the god of war

He inherited some of the power of his father, his strength and courage
In battle, his influence decided the victory

Intrepid and inflexible, he refuses to compromise
He sacrificed one of his hands to trap the wolf Fenrir.

One of his other privileges is to choose the bravest warriors to fight deadly in time against the forces of evil, which allowed him to choose Sigmund
At Ragnarok, Tyr and Garm, Hel’s dog, kill each other.


Wife of Odin, mother of Baldr and Moth is the goddess of the sky and clouds, housewives and marital love, she lives in the palace of Fensalir.


Wife of Thor, famous for its golden hair which she had to deal with after an affair with Loki during which it cut off all her hair blonde

Thor, enraged at the highest point threatened to make him fix this outrage

Loki then had him OFRIR golden hair adorned his head


Son of the giant Farbauti the blacksmith, master of fire is an Ase

It is also called the evil Loki

It is only tolerated in Valhalla
Brilliant, slanderous, Observer, a slanderer, with a prodigious memory and very intelligent, he is hated and feared
Loki was related to Thor and Odin

They had many adventures together, where the cunning Loki saved their lives
It was of great beauty

He saved the day when the Aesir a giant asked the moon, sun and Freyja as payment of the wall he built around Asgard

Loki prevented to perform its task in the allotted time, thereby depriving him of his reward
It took the form of a mare to seduce and delay the horse carrying the materials of the giant

This illustrates the capacity of metamorphosis and sex change of Loki

As it begat mare: Sleipnir the eight-legged horse of Odin
Loki by its union with the giant Angurboda fathered Hel, the mistress of the underworld, Fenrir, the wolf ravenous, and Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent
It caused the death of Baldr and the events that triggered the Ragnarök

As punishment he will be impaled on sharp rocks, while the venom ran down his face, it will only be issued to join the forces of evil during the final battle


Goddess of youth wife of Bragi the god of Poetry
Idun is the guardian of the apples of eternity

Saved from the storm Thiazi by Loki to make use of it, it is released by the gods of Valhalla.


Daughter of Loki and Angurboda, sister of Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent.
Goddess of death, they live underground in the realm of shadows

He who had once entered his kingdom could not leave
Garm is the dog of the hell of Hel receives and monitors death


Guardian of the fountain of wisdom is a giant, friend and adviser of Odin


Son of Loki and Angurboda
The wolf Fenrir is one of the worst enemies of the gods
They wanted to tie it several times, but without success until the Tyr defies his magical link, but he lost his hand
Released for Ragnarok, he killed Odin and perished in its turn under the blows of Vidar


Jormungand the Midgard Serpent is the
Born of Loki and Angurboda, it is doomed to evil

He spits flames and pestilential breath breath and deadly

Thor tried hand times to kill him, and the fish with a bull’s head for bait


Humans lived alongside two races of gods, but also giants, elves and dwarves

Myths describe the Scandinavian giants as enemies and destroyers of

gods, but relations between them were not always hostile

There were actually many connections between gods and giants

Thor himself was born of the union between Odin and Jord, while Freyr and Freyja were of the marriage between the god Njord and Vane giant Skadi

The Giants could even show some humanity Agnar the young prince, heir to the crown usurped by his brother, found in Jotunheim the home and refuge that had been rejected by humans

The legends are often slow and giants as feeble-minded

Loki often succeeded in deceiving

Creatures of the cold and the night, the Giants could not stand the sun, which turned them into stone, like the dwarf

Called trolls or Jotun, the giants inhabit the land of ice and made a covenant with monsters, the most known are the great wolf Fenrir, the Midgard Serpent and the
Blood of the giant dwarfs were born Brimer
Act, also known Ögir or Gymir is a wise giant who watches over the sea

Ran his wife is the opposite because it is always a bad omen for sailors

The Dwarves

The dwarves, underground people, craftsmen and blacksmiths were renowned, having made Mjollnir, Thor’s hammer


The trolls lived in underground

Rough and wild, trolls lived in Jotunheim with the giants who used them as servants often


There was a highly ambiguous, as the elves clear almost as beautiful as the gods were nothing like the dark elves, deformed and hideous

These two traditions survived respectively as fairies and elves

Technology of the Gods

It is well recognized in the technology available to the gods, accessories already widely described in the chapter on Asia: air transportation and rapid means of communication, sophisticated weapons like homing missiles and other magical hammer, etc …





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