Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 22 – Norse mythology

Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 22 – Norse mythology

Published July 13, 2009

Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent


Scandinavia is located in Northern Europe and includes, in the strictest sense, Sweden and Norway, and in the broad sense also includes Denmark, Finland and Iceland, all bordering the Baltic Sea

During successive glaciations of Scandinavia has been repeatedly depopulated and devoid of terrestrial flora and fauna

It is the homeland of some of the Germanic peoples and the Vikings

Its inhabitants are ethnically homogeneous (except for the Sami and the Finns) and speak related languages.

Norse mythology

Norse mythology describes the beginning and end of the world

The world has emerged from a bottomless pit: Ginnungagap, the sidereal void

The field of fire, Muspell is located south of Ginnungagap, guarded by Surt, the fire giant, armed with his flaming sword

To the north there was the land of frozen Niflheim, the realm of the dead

There, twelve rivers flowed bubbling cauldron of a volcano named Hvergelmir and poured in Ginnungagap

But over time, they finally freeze and fill Ginnungagap, until the ice into contact with the heat of Muspell

This vapor is created clay

Clay took the form of Ymir, the first giant ice

To nourish Ymir, a huge cow appeared: Audhumla, one that feeds

Audhumla licked the salty ice, and appeared a human figure

It was Buri, the creator, to be the grandfather of Odin, the greatest of Norse gods
Ymir was shown a couple of his sweat, the early giants, enemies of the gods

Representing good and evil, gods and the giants were doomed to a perpetual conflict

Yet they fraternized from time to time, Odin is the son of a link between Bor son of Buri, and a Giant.
Despite its origin, Odin became the scourge of the Giants

He allied himself with his two brothers to destroy Ymir whose blood flowed with such force that it drowned all her children, except a couple

The two survivors fled to Jotunheim, the land of the Giants, they engendered a new people, dedicated to the destruction of Odin and his family
After that, Odin and his brothers made our world with the body of Ymir

His blood turned into seas and rivers, his flesh in the earth, his bones the mountains, his head in sky

Four Dwarfs, North, South, East and West had the mission to support the corners of the sky, while the gods scattered sparks Muspell to create the stars

The moon and the sun were placed on tanks that continued unabated in the sky, themselves pursued by two enormous wolves, Skoll and Hati repulsion hatred

At the end of time, the two monsters will eventually devour the heavenly lights
Then Odin and his brothers fashioned beings who inhabit this world would

First, the dwarves, who were born worms gnawing the carcass of Ymir

The gods made them the gift of intelligence and placed in caves in search of gold

After the dwarves, the gods gave life to humans, animating pieces of wood thrown by the sea

They were settled in the area of Midgard, in the center of the universe and protected by a circular fence made of Ymir’s eyebrows

Only after the Midgard gods created their own field, Asgard, consisting of halls and palaces
We could reach Asgard as a bridge guarded by Heimdall, the guardian divine
The universe is made up of Nordic worlds, nine in the traditional spread between humans, the Giants, and divine races

The world was under the realm of Hel, goddess of the underworld, half woman and half corpse rotting

The nine worlds coexisted easily

Their inhabitants constantly plotting and fighting against each other, according to the covenants of the moment


A large ash tree named Ygdrasil was the axis around which revolved all worlds

It was in the middle of Asgard and the gods assembled around

According to legend, he had three large roots

One stood and Hvergelmir Niflheim, the boiling cauldron, origin of life

Another plunged into Midgard root in the source of knowledge guarded by the giant Mimir

The third root touched Asgard

Ygdrasil risked death continuously for 4 deer eat the leaves, while the serpent Nidhogg gnawed endlessly below the root

Constantly regenerated Ygdrasil was the symbol of life, and is found symbolically in our Christmas tree


Asgard, the palace of the gods is the world of the Aesir

Odin monitors to the world
It is connected by the rainbow Bifrost sky to the realm of the giants, guarded by Heimdall,

In Asgard, the gods the most important feature of a home in which each entry has a decorated and secure lock


The Midgard is the intermediate world, the human world, between the world of gods and the realm of the dead, surrounded by the sea of Midgard
The Midgard is bound by the rainbow Bifrost sky in the world of the gods, Asgard

Valhalla is the banquet hall of Asgard, where Odin received the kings and warriors dead

The Vikings killed in battle were brought by the Valkyries, warrior maidens whose name means: those who choose the dead

The room was huge and had 540 doors, each wide enough to pass 800 warriors head

Its walls were made by shining spears, shields and its roof is a precious golden light spread

Here the elected feasted, with endless barrels of mead and meat Saehrimnir, boar magic that reconstituted every night.
These warriors were still an important role in the fate of the universe, as they formed the Einherjar, the army of human heroes called to fight alongside the gods during the final confrontation of Ragnarök

Until the Ragnarök, they had to train all day

Each night their wounds healed instantly, allowing them to party late into the night to the sound of lutes and flutes, while the poets recounted the exploits of the past.


After a terrible winter that lasted three years, a final battle between Odin, the father of gods and other gods Loki and the giants of the ice

The giants of ice and Loki were aided by the fierce wolf Fenrir and Jormungand the sea monster

After Odin was killed by Fenrir (the wolf), and Thor had been defeated by Jormungand, the world resurfaces

Before the battle, two people had hidden in the sacred tree Yggdrasil

They repopulated the earth with the help of the gods who have survived, including the son of Odin

Scandinavian cosmogony

The origins and creation of the universe correspond perfectly to those we know Asians, Eden and Atlantis that we studied in previous chapters

Besides everyone recognizes: invasions from Asia and India, but we do not know how they got because they did not at that time left traces of massive population movement terrestrial : so they are usually arrived by air …



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