Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 21 – The Vanir and the Aesir

Part 5: the Atlanteans, Chapter 21 – The Vanir and the Aesir

Published July 13, 2009


The Atlantean colonies

After the flood, there are about 6700 years, see the chapter of Edenic, Asians arrived, see the chapter on Asian …

The first Asian settled in the Middle Kingdom: China today

As for Atlantis, Asians are composed of several populations arriving one after the other, but we will develop this in our next chapter …

In the plains of Scandinavia, Svealand, about 6500 years ago, there was a population of Neolithic, when Asians are arriving …

Groups of Asians have moved to Vanes Svealand

They lived as Asians: quietly next to the people, bringing them here and there, a little help commelle calendar, medicine wheel, pottery, etc … …

But about 6000 years ago, the Atlanteans group of Æsir arrived, thinking that they would pose no Vanes no problem ousting …

And it was the war between the Aesir and the Vanir, Asians and the Atlanteans, as usual, alas …

The legend of the war between the Aesir and the Vanir

The gods of the North live in two worlds, and Asaheim Vanaheim because they belong to two successive races in time

The Vanir were the first settlers, farmers and peaceful, and the Aesir, the warriors, arrived then

Of this shock, will be born a new order of knowledge, strength and wealth

The Vanir are gods “friendly”

They bring fertility to the earth, rich peasants and sailors, pleasure to men and women exhale games of love

Vanir gods have prepared gender equality and goddesses gaping

They bring the power of life and the abundance of goods

Their opponents the Aesir, the gods are the best known and most numerous

They are sovereign gods

They embody the knowledge and destiny, wisdom and courage

They also celebrate the military power, they are wizards and fighters, and by the same token, they represent the two highest offices of humanity divine

The Aesir and the Vanir have continued to oppose them until the outbreak of a great war, which will establish the force of arms as the only sacred law

It all starts when the Vanir Aesir sent to a mysterious being named Gullveig A witch, her name Gullveig means the power or better yet the ecstasy of gold

Thus the Vanir who live in prosperity, hope to corrupt Aesir by imposing their world view, that which makes the wealth and happiness the only goals in life

A love the Aesir meet in war …

The gods, grouped around the largest of them, Odin, and stronger, Thor, the master of thunder and lightning, have virtues that nothing should supersede

Gold should strengthen, but not corrupt.

The three functions embodied in the gods are strictly hierarchical in the great trinity of North

First knowledge, then the energy finally prosperity

Gullveig arrives at Aesir

The gift of the Aesir is the worst poisons

The ecstasy of gold rises to the head of the gods and goddesses, especially

The witch takes them in his traps, and makes them make a hundred and a thousand follies

The Aesir are the most lucid attempt to kill this evil being

The witch is all pure gold, and no stake can not pierce the

Three times they tried to shoot

They even try in vain to burn

Corruption prevails among the Aesir

They lost their virtue, that is both their right and their courage

Then attack the Vanir

But just when all seems lost for the hierarchical design of the universe that deny equal, decadence and corruption, Odin is the supreme act daring, he brandished a spear and a gesture of terrible throws the ranks of invaders from Vanaheim

It is not only an act of war is an act of magic

The shock of the weapon stops net invasion

The victory leaves both sides

There is no longer in this decisive action, of winners or losers

The Aesir and the Vanir reconcile and decide what to mix well

Njord, the god of the winds and the sea, is leaving to go to Asaheim Vanaheim, and live with the Aesir with his son and daughter Freya Frey, he had his sister, according to the use of ases

They are first of all hostages and assimilate quickly to Aesir, whom they will teach the magical practices of their world

In exchange, the Vanir Aesir give the brother of Odin, who once created Hoenir with him the first man and first woman Ask Embla

The ship also Vanir Aesir, Mimir, the god of intelligence

But it is suspicious to Vanaheim of alertness

The Vanir killed Mimir and then return his head to Odin

The contractor will submit Asaheim a private body that head long magical operations

It retains its vitality and intelligence

Now installed near a fountain in one of the three roots of Yggdrasill if the head of Mimir Odin and converses with him advise always a good idea

It is well recognized in this legendary story of the war of the Aesir and the Vanir, the ways and technologies of Eden and Atlantis

The Eddas

Even before the Viking era stretching from the late eighth century to 1150, Norse mythology is already known

The tribes of hunters and fishermen suffer warriors from Scandinavia to 4000 BC, the effects of the Indo-European invasion: that is to say of Atlantis

This civilization imposes gradually conquering his world view, social, political and religious

We know now that part of history thanks to the Eddas

The Eddas are two manuscripts of the thirteenth century very different compilations of poetic oral tradition that has lasted for centuries

The first is a textbook introduction to Norse mythology for young poets

Its author, Snorri Sturluson, an Icelandic skald was a nobleman who has been involved in the political struggles of Iceland and was murdered

He also wrote a history of the kings of Norway

The Edda of Snorri includes Gylfaginning (Fascination of Gylfi), which reports the themes of Nordic cosmogony, a treaty and a treaty skaldic art metric Norse

The second, the Codex Regius contains the major sacred and heroic poems that form the Poetic Edda

The interpretation of the Eddas is to see the gods of men deified

This explanation was accepted by Snorri in Ynglinga Saga where he made a king Odin Asian exiled magician and conqueror

The heroic tradition reported by poets Scandinavian origins dating back to non-Nordic

The tribute of Atlantis

Following the war between the Eden and Atlantis: there is no winner!

Worse, they make peace and unite!

It is obvious that this new political structure, will not pay taxes to Atlantis!

The history of the Aesir and Vanir, is the grain of sand that will flow the great Atlantis …

But that is another story …



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