Part 5 : Atlants , Chapter 9 – Sanchi




First book : Gods


Part 5 : Atlants

9  – Sanchi

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Sanchi is a small village in India,
located 46 km northeast of Bhopal,
in central state of Madhya Pradesh.

Emperor Ashoka built eight stupas on this site during his
reign in the third century

av. AD.

Further stupas and other
Buddhist religious buildings such as monasteries, completed the site until the
twelfth century.

However, following the reform of Hindu-cons, the monuments
of Sanchi were forgotten and deteriorated from lack of maintenance.

The site was rediscovered in 1818 by a British officer,
General Taylor.

Amateur archaeologists and treasure hunters will ravage
the area with their plunder, until 1881 when restoration measures are

Between 1912 and 1919, the structures are placed in the
position where they are known today under the supervision of Sir John Marshall.

Today, there are fifty monuments on the hill of
Sanchi, including three stupas and several temples.

The Great Stupa is surrounded by four carved gateways
called toranas.

The site of Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi is a World
Heritage of UNESCO since 1989.

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The grandfather of Ashoka, of the Kshatriya warrior caste,
Chandragupta ruled a vast empire that extended to Afghanistan.

It establishes an administration on the example of the
Persians and the capital of enormous proportions, Pataliputra, was built on the
architectural style of Persepolis.

But the founder of the Maurya dynasty grew weary of the
intrigues of the court and abdicated in favor of his son Bindusara.

Chandragupta then followed the teachings of a master Jain
and withdrew with him to a secluded spot to end his days in fasting and

His son, the father of Ashoka, was left on the throne a
short time.

He also chose the ascetic life and renounced the throne.

Ashoka was born around 273 before J.C

Lorsqu’Ashoka access the sovereign power, the Mauryan rule
over much of India,
having unified by force countless principalities, republics and tribes

It is the height of the powerful dynasty.

Infiltration, espionage and deportations are the policy
instruments of the young despot.

His thirst for conquest is great.

It causes war to open access to the south of the kingdom.

This war of Kalinga is more than 100,000 dead.

Jain and Buddhist sages then begged him to end the
conflict and make peace.

They tell him the profound meaning of Ahimsa, a Sanskrit
word meaning non-violence, refusing to kill, harm or destroy.

Life is dear to all beings, all fear of suffering and fear
their destruction.

Respect, compassion and tolerance remain the essence of

After his bloody conquests, Ashoka became disgusted with
the cruelty of war and will give it up.

He then adopted the peaceful doctrines of Buddhism and
declared that henceforth his conquests should be religious conquests

Ashoka is credited with the erection of 84,000 stupa
mounds circular brick or stone containing relics of Buddha or Bodhisattva

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Ashoka creates writing called brahmi.

After the pictographic script of the Indus
era which lasted until about 1.500 BC, the earliest writing dates back to
Ashoka Indian decipherable.

Once it’s created, it became the writing all over India.

The majority of modern Indian scripts are therefore
derived from Brahmi.

But shortly after the death of Ashoka the Mauryan empire

A site above the other

The site of Sanchi is situated almost in the center of

Almost exactly where the apparent needle in Easter Island
and passing through the center of the earth

Surprisingly, it is the biggest Buddhist site in India,
after the sites Kapilavastu, the birthplace of Buddha, near Benares

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It is also this site which is the starting point for
almost all of the spread of Buddhism

So it seems that the virtual geographic center of India,
has had to have a religious connotation important primitive, reappropriated by
the new religion, at home, the Catholic Church, which moved quickly to build
its cathedrals sites important pagan religious

The spaceport arrival

The Atlanteans arrived in waves and settled in India

They developed a line of menhirs along the west coast

They tipped the earth through their involvement in Easter
Island and the west coast of northern South America

These interventions must build a space port to allow the
arrival of Atlantis in every way, and they are still very likely to happen …

It is therefore likely that the intervention of Easter
Island, also have technical reasons for the operation of the spaceport at


It goes without saying that the site of India is not
suitable to house all the Atlantean

Especially at the level of security, the Asian neighbors,
it is not ideal

Also, the Atlanteans decided to set up their capital, and
infrastructure on the island continent of Atlantis

All other sites will then become inhabited by Atlantean
Atlantean colonies actually

And the site of India
becomes the site of arrival and redistribution logistics arrivals



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