Part 5 : Atlants , Chapter 14 – Vishnu’s avatars

Durga, the goddess mother, warrior, holding the disk
of Vishnu, who beheads the forces of evil


book : Gods

Part 5 : Atlants

Chapter 14  – Vishnu’s avatars

the fish

Manu, the ancestor of men,
found one day in the water of his ablution a tiny fish. He asked him his
protection and promised to save him from a deluge soon.

The fish grew so much that only the ocean could contain

Manu then saw the incarnation of Vishnu.

The god asked him to build a ship that could hold a couple
of each species, animals and plants.

When the flood came, the fish took the boat to safety.

Underwater, he fought the demon Hayagriva who had stolen
the Vedas to Brahma asleep at the end of a kalpa.

the tortoise


During the flood, many precious objects were lost in the

depths of the ocean.

The gods used the serpent Ananta as rope and the mountain
Mandara as a handle to slow churning sea of ​​milk.

When the mountain threatened to sink into the ocean,
Vishnu incarnated as the tortoise Kurma. He plunged with his shell and bore the



By austere practices Oceans.

It made him understand that n’éyoga the devil Hiranyaksha
had acquired many powers.

He decided with his powers to attack the limitless realm
of the gods.

Varuna when he challenged the king of a silent hermit and
he did not approve the fight.

He proposed to meet Vishnu alone accept.

At that time the goddess Earth, Pritvi was invaded by the

Vishnu incarnated as a boar, Varaha, which grows until it
reaches the size of a mountain. He left the ground water and offered it to

He smooths the split into seven continents and decorated
by mountains.

Surprised but always decided Hiranyaksha challenged

With its solar disk, he destroyed all weapons of the devil
and a roar, he killed Hiranyaksha.

Legend has it well in September continents: the 2 Americas, Eurasia, Africa,

Australia, Antarctica and Atlantis …

Normally, this date there are 6000 years old … …

the lion man


Pralhad was a child dedicated to Vishnu.

His father was Hiranya-Kashipu, the king of the genii and
brother Hiranyaksha.

He prevented his son to follow his religion freely because
Vishnu had killed his brother.

He decided to punish Palhâda to put to death.

All ways were tried to kill Pralhad.

Nothing helped, the child seemed protected by divine

Hiranya-Kashipu was himself invulnerable.

Brahma had indeed made a promise that he could be killed
neither by day nor night, either within or outside the palace, nor a man, a god
or a beast.

Vishnu then decided to save Pralhad, to incarnate at dusk,
a man with lion’s head, leaving a column of the palace overlooking the outside.

Narasimha the man lion and killed the king of the genii
and Pralhad was saved.

dwarf Vamana


Bali, the king of anti-gods had obtained by his courage
and his ascetic life, the reign of three worlds: heaven, earth and hell.

The gods asked Vishnu to help them recover their remains.

This one incarnated by Vamana, a dwarf of the Brahmin

Vamana went to Bali and
asked him to give him a piece of land he could cover in three strides.

The king of anti-gods granted him his request.

Vamana, turning into giant, traveled in a stride the
earthly world, in a second, the heavens and a third, the underworld.

Bali had to concede defeat but because it was virtuous, Vishnu
granted him the kingdom of the underworld.

Rama with an ax


The sixth descent of Vishnu on Earth took place during the
revolt of the Kshatriyas, the princely caste.

Those below heard religious seize power.

Control of power by the Kshatriyas would lead the company
to its decline.

Several times, the arrogance of the princely class
Parasuram pushed to get rid of Ksatriyas families.

Jamadagni was a wise retired to the forest.

He worked for the welfare of the world.

Indra as a reward for his dedication he was offered
Kamadhenu, the divine cow.

The son of this wise was the sixth incarnation of Vishnu.

The King of Mahishmati, Kritaveerya, hunted with his
guards in the forest.

Benighted, he asked the wise accommodation.

This one offered him the most delicious dishes.

Surprised that a hermit could serve such a feast, the king
asked the reason.

Jamadagni explained to him that he had in his favor

Consumed by greed, Kritaveerya asked the sage to give him
the cow.

Jamadagni could not answer his wish, this was a divine
gift that we could give.

The king then took Kamadhenu by force.

Learning this, Parasuram went to the palace and killed
Kritaveerya and all his guard.

The son of wanted Kritaveerya avenge the death of their

He went to the ashram of Jamadagni while Parasuram and his
brothers were in the forest.

In return, noting that the princes had committed the
irreparable, Parasuram killed all the son of Kritaveerya and filled five lakes
with their blood.

the Enlightened


The descent of Vishnu in the form of the Buddha from the
age of conflict to deter the Brahmins too advanced in the study of sacred

Those latter threatened the supremacy of the gods.

The Buddha embodies the illusion (maya), no decision can
be yourself on anything that can go on or remain unchanged over time and beyond
time and death.

Buddha, whose real name was Siddhartha Gautama Muni
Caktia, was born of Queen Mayadevi, impregnated by an elephant.

Other legends say that Buddha was an incarnation of
Airavata, the mount of Indra. Raised by his aunt, he married young.

At 29, he met an old man, a sick and a dead body.

He becomes aware of the suffering of humanity and
withdraws from the world.

It follows an ascetic life with several masters, but this
course will not fruit.

At 39, after several days of meditation, he attained
enlightenment and became Buddha.



The tenth avatar of Vishnu is yet to come.

When ending the age of conflict, the present age, it will
be mounted on a white horse, shining like a comet.

It will reward the righteous and punish the wicked.

He will destroy the world and inaugurate a new golden age.

The Vishnu Purana describes the descent of Kalki on Earth:

“When the practices taught by the Vedas will have
almost ceased and the end of the age of Kali will be close, a portion of that
divine being which exists by its own spiritual nature in the person of Brahma,
which is the beginning and the end , which includes all things, come upon the

He will be born as Kalki in the family of an eminent
Brahmin of the village
of Shambala, with eight
faculties of the superman.

By his irresistible might he will destroy the barbarians
and thieves, and those devoted to iniquity.

He then restore righteousness on earth, and spirit of
those who live at the end of the age of Kali will be awakened and become as
transparent as crystal.

Men who are thus transformed by the power of these times
will be as specific germs in human beings and give birth to a race that follows
the laws of the Krita age, the Age of Purity.


Krishna is the eighth and the most popular incarnations of Vishnu.

It is a god to many faces, whose adventures are staged and
presented in the villages.

Child, it is mischievous and butter flies with his brother

It is a shepherd and his favorite animal is the cow.

As Rama, he is known for his heroic actions to the
Pandavas in the battle between them to Kauravas.

Krishna is the god of bhakti, devotional love for his god he teaches in
the Mahabharata.

He fights against many demons and even the gods fear its
power, and Indra and Shiva must admit defeat.

Krishna is also known as the seducer of the Gopis (women and girls from

Among them, Radha is his favorite and love personified the
bhakti (devotion).

The movement for Krishna Consciousness, founded in 1966
and known as the Hare Krishna sect tried to disseminate the spiritual world of Krishna.

The wonderful life of Krishna
gives rise to many legends


The linga or lingam is a stone phallic appearance.

Although the master of asceticism, the linga is the
embodied form of Shiva.

This represents the dual nature of the god.

The linga is associated with the yoni, symbolize the union
of masculine and feminine principles.

It embodies the universe of creation.

“Linga” sign means in Sanskrit.

The linga in itself is not worshiped.

He is worshiped as a representation as a “sign”
of Shiva.

We distinguish the linga made by the hand of man and those
born of themselves, found in nature, Svayambhu machine.

There are many representations of the linga throughout India.

Among them, there are 12 sacred Lingas called
“light” (jyotirlingam)

A linga is divided into three parts.

The first, hidden in the pedestal, square, represents

The second is octagonal and enclosed by the yoni, it
represents Vishnu.

The latest rises above the yoni, symbolizing Shiva.

The linga is worshiped during the puja, he is anointed
with ghee (clarified butter intended for offerings to the gods) and receives


Ganga is one form of the wife of Shiva.

Personification of the sacred river and the mother of
Skanda, it is also called Bhagirathi since it was founded by the king

It is sliding on the water, riding a sea monster (makara).

The birth of the sacred river is told by the caption:

One day, Shiva Vishnu heard playing the flute.

The music was so beautiful, he sat down to listen.

Then his feet began to melt.

Brahma collected the water that flowed in a pot.

The Ganges was born.

It is also called Vishnu padi, one born of the feet of

The river remained in the sky, it did not flow on Earth.

At the same time, near the Bay of
Bengal, the yogis were great meditation to reach the infinite

As they were about to do the demons out of the water to
distract them.

A yogi, through its mortification had obtained the power
of swallowing anything.

His companions asked him to swallow the ocean to remove demons.

But since there was no water on Earth, the vegetation came
to dry, the trees died, crops were lost.

Yogis attempted to challenge the gods but there was even
more water to perform the rites of purification.

King Bhagiratha implored Brahma, he who held the pot
containing the primordial waters.

The king began to engage in mortification.

For over 1000 years, he stood at the top of the Himalayas, eating only from the air whipped his face and
his faith in Brahma, the Creator.

Brahma, moved by so much courage gave him the realization
of a wish.

Immediately Bhagiratha asked him to restore the water on

Brahma then ordered Ganga, the goddess personified Ganges flow to go to Earth. This one refused and was so
furious that it might cause irreparable damage.

Bhagiratha not discouraged and returned to the top of the Himalayas, taking up his intense mortification and

Shiva, the power of yoga,
undertook to help him.

He captured in the
loops of her hair streams flood the Ganges.

The water then flowed calmly God on Earth, making life for

A variation on this myth.


Bhagiratha would have had a long ascetic not to restore
the water on Earth, but to redeem the sins of his ancestors who were wandering
in limbo for stealing the horse sacrifice.




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