Part 5 : Atlants , Chapter 12 – Ramayana

Rama, incarnation of Vishnu and Hanuman


book : Gods


Part 5 : Atlants

Chapter 12  – Ramayana


The Ramayana is also part of the sacred texts, and if I
will abstract book is not for you by saving read!

It would be so bad!

In addition to the
wonderful that we bring these readings, they are very easy to access, you find
them in all libraries

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sandwiches, four good if you like, but I do not know if it’s reasonable, of
course, homemade, nicely crispy, slightly salty, and a cold beer, a good fire
in the fireplace and immerse yourself in the book … … …

For me, who forgot to be reasonable, it will be toasted 4
and 2 beers!

Better than a reality show on TV!

I hope I managed to give you the desire to read

The Ramayana is an epic poem telling the story of Rama, an
avatar of Vishnu.

It was written in the sixth century by the sage Valmiki.

The work, consisting of 24,000 verses, divided into seven

The birth of Rama

Dasaratha was the king of Ayodhya, the capital of Kosala.

The kingdom was prosperous, but Dasaratha was unhappy
because he had no children to succeed him.

One day he summoned the priest Vasistha and said,
“I’m getting old and I still have no children.

I want a son who will take my place on the throne. ”

Vasistha, who knew the situation, he said he would send
his application to the gods by performing a sacred rite.

At the same time, the gods were angered by high Ravana, the
demon king, which prevented the priests perform the sacred rites.

Ravana had extraordinary powers, he had received a gift
that the gods protected him.

Dharma was in danger, Vishnu was to descend to Earth to
restore order in the world.

He decided to incarnate as a man because Ravana, in his
arrogance did not protect men.

Vishnu then sent a messenger to Ayodhya.

He brought a potion that King Dasaratha immediately gave
to his wives.

Immediately, Sumitra, Kausalya and Kaikeyi were pregnant.

A few months later, four were born son.

Their names were Rama, Lakshamana, Bharata, Satrughna.

They were intelligent and knew the scriptures.

Soon, Rama Lakshamana and became inseparable.

The marriage of Rama and Sita

One day, the sage Vishwamitra came to the king.

A demon systematically interrupted the sacred rites that
would make the wise.

But because he belonged to the Brahmin caste, he could not
fight the demon by himself.

Vishwamitra asked the king Rama to take her with him
because he knew it was an incarnation of Vishu.

Dasaratha is proposed, Rama was too young, and his father
was afraid for him.

When King spoke to his son, Rama decided to go to help the

Lakshamana followed.

Lakshamana shot an arrow wounding the demon.

In turn, Rama fired.

The demon was dead and the gods rained lotus flowers on

Vishwamitra led the brothers to the kingdom of Mithila.

King Janaka had a daughter, Sita.

His father wanted to marry only the man who could lift and
bend the bow of Shiva. The bow was taken him, 500 men had to wear it because it
was very heavy.

When Rama lifted the bow, the one that broke.

Sita had found her husband.

The wedding took place at the palace of King Janaka.

Rama and Sita embodied the ideal husband, they were
devoted to one another.

exile of Rama

Dasaratha was getting old, it was time for him that his
son take his place on the throne. Rama had a special place in the heart of the
old king.

So it would mean to him that the kingdom of Ayodhya.

Manthara, the servant of Kaikeyi, the youngest of the
wives of the king feared for his place. She went to her mistress and told him
his concerns “if Rama becomes king, she says, her mother take over the
kingdom, you shall have no power on the palate.”

Manthara had cast doubt in the minds of Kaikeyi.

The latter came to find Dasaratha, reminding him a promise
he had made some years ago.

She asked him to put his son Bharata on the throne and
send Rama into exile for a minimum of 14 years.

The king was an honest man, unable to return to his word,
he reluctantly accepted the request of his young wife.

Rama could not disobey his father, he secured before
leaving the throne to Bharata would like it had been agreed.

Sita and Lakshamana could not bring himself to see from
Rama and decided to follow him in his exile.

When Dasaratha saw his son leave the castle, he knew there
was nothing to keep him on earth.

Ayodhya wept his king.

abduction of Sita

After 10 years running, Sita, Rama and Lakshamana
Panchavati reached, they decided to settle there.

Not far away lived the demon Shurpanaka.

It turned into a beautiful maid to seduce Rama but seeing
that it would fail, she threw herself on Sita.

Lakshamana it was faster and cut off his nose and ears.

Shurpanakha went to tell his misadventures with Ravana,
suggesting that one husband Sita will gain the favor of the gods.

With the help of Mareech, the magician, Ravana deployed a
ruse to capture Sita.

Mareech turned into a beautiful deer and stood near the
hut of Rama. The animal was so beautiful he wanted to capture him. Not to leave
Sita without protection, he drew a magic circle around his home and went deer
hunting with Lakshamana.

An old man then appeared near the hut.

He was poor and Sita wanted to give her a fruit.

Notifying the circle, Ravana, for it was he knew he had to
draw the girl out.

He answered that he was a sanyasi Sita, a wise man, and he
could not come to take his offering.

Sita knew it was his duty to feed the old man, she crosses
the circle.

Instantly capture and Ravana took her to Lanka to become
his queen.

Back in their hut, Rama and Lakshamana knew they had been

army of monkeys

Rama and Sita Lakshamana started looking.

They managed to Kiskindha, the kingdom of monkeys.

Sugriva was the head of the army of monkeys.

he had been exiled by his brother who had seized the

Rama told her story to the king.

This one was willing to help if help him recover the

This was done, and Rama’s brother fought Lakshamana

Therefore, four troops were sent in search of Sita.

After one month, only the division of Hanuman did not

Guided by a bird, the troop of Hanuman went to the Asoka
garden near Lanka

which held Sita captive.

Arriving at the ocean, the division found itself helpless,
there was no way through.

Hanuman then prayed, he prayed for Rama and began to grow
so much so that he could cross the ocean.

He arrived in the garden of Asoka
where Sita was.

He took the ring that Rama had given him and showed it to
the captive.

Sita could trust him in return she gave him one of his


Back in Kiskindha, Hanuman heard the good news to Rama
Sita was found. Immediately Rama Lakshamana and the monkey army set off to

To cross the ocean, Hanuman built a bridge and they
managed to magic Lanka.

For four days the armies faced each other.

On the fifth day the battle began.

Soon, Rama and Lakshamana took the advantage, they killed
so many demons, their bodies filled the streets of Lanka.

Ravana then sent his son Indrajit on the battlefield.

He had the ability to become invisible.

Rama’s camp suffered heavy losses.

All monkeys were injured or killed.

Only Rama and Hanuman were still standing, Lakshamana
drained of blood. One of the warriors said to Hanuman to go to Mount Kailash.

There he would find medicinal herbs that can cure them.

Hanuman went.

But not knowing how to recognize the herbs, he tore the
whole mountain.

Taking up the battle, the army of monkeys killed Indrajit.

Ravana then took up arms.

The fight lasted two full days, Rama felt his strength
gradually left him.

Then he prayed Surya, the sun-god.

After watching the sun light, Rama felt his strength back
and with the weapon of Brahma, which is to be used as a last resort, he killed

devotion of Hanuman

After the triumphant victory of Lanka, the monkey army
prepared to return home. Hanuman said his duty was to follow Rama and Sita.

The king asked Hanuman Sugriva proof of his devotion, what
the most loyal of all the faithful opens his chest where the images of Rama and

sacrifice of Sita

After returning to Ayodhya, Rama seemed troubled, many
people doubted the fidelity of Sita during her stay in Lanka.

Though it broke his heart, Rama was forced to follow the
law of dharma, to banish Sita.

Lakashamana took Sita in the forest.

There she was rescued by an old hermit named Valmiki.

Far from Rama, she gave birth to the twins Lava and Kusa.

During the twelve years that followed, she and her son
lived with Valmiki.

The hermit taught the twins a poem called the Ramayana,
tells the epic of Rama.

At a party in Ayodhya, Kusa and Lava declaimed a poem in
front of Rama, whom he recognized as his son.

Recalling Sita with him, that it would give the world
proof of his loyalty to Rama.

She asked to be burned at
the stake if she had been unfaithful, she died.

But as Sita was
actually a goddess, the flames do not burn

Rama ruled Ayodhya for a thousand years.

He realized one day that it
was time for him to return to Vishnu who had created



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