Part 5 : Atlants , Chapter 11 – Mahabharata



First book : Gods


Part 5 : Atlants

11  – Mahabharata

Sacred texts

The Smriti, texts of Hinduism, the Mahabharata and is
composed of the Ramayana, as well as 18 Purana that tell the life of the gods.

The Mahabharata tells of the conquest of power in India,
the throne of Hastinapura, and war are the contenders: the Kauravas, the
successors of Vyasa (demigod) and the Pandavas (son of the gods)

The Ramayana also recounts the love of Rama and Sita, the
conquest of Lanka (Ceylon)

The Puranas tell the story of epic
episodes of the gods

Reminder: the gods are the Atlanteans remained in India


According to legend, the
Mahabharata was dictated by the sage Vyasa Ganesh (whose name means in Sanskrit

In his meditations on Brahma, Vyasa saw that he had
to ask Ganesh to be the scribe of the poem he composed.

This was done, the elephant god to be accepted on
condition that the editor Vyasa dictates without stopping.

For its part, demanded that the poet Ganesh understand the
hidden meaning of each word, the meaning of each sentence and their

When was dictated to, Ganesha took the time to reflect, to
analyze every thought of the poet.

This allowed Vyasa of compounds to the next.

Thus, the Mahabharata should be read quietly, take the
time to read and analyze it without haste.

The backdrop of the Mahabharata is the rivalry between two
dynasties cousins: the Pandavas (Yudhishthira leader, Arjuna the warrior, the
Colossus Bhimsa, twins Nakula and Sahadeva) and the Kauravas.

In the poem Krishna is
involved, true fighting with the Pandavas.

One of the famous episodes of the Mahabharata is the
Bhagavad Gita, stand the thought of Gandhi.

of Mahabharata

Shantanu was the king of Hastinapur.

From a first marriage with Ganga
was born a son, Bhisma.

A few years later, Shantanu saw during a hunting party
Satyavati, the daughter of a fisherman.

Captivated by its extraordinary flavor, the king decided
to marry the girl.

The fisherman agreed, provided only that it is the son of
Satyavati who rule over the kingdom one day.

Out of loyalty to his father, Bhisma agreed to remain
single and thus give the throne to the descendants of Satyavati.

Satyavati two gave birth to son, and Citrangada

Of the latter clan born Dhrtarastra Kauravas, Pandu and

Dhrtarastra was the oldest but because he was blind, he’s
transfer possession of the kingdom to his younger brother Pandu.

Transported by anger, Dhritarastra, raised her son in the
hatred of their Pandava cousins. The son of Pandu were Bhima, Arjuna,
Yudhishthira and the twins Nakula and Sahadeva.

They showed exceptional gifts very early: Arjuna was a
warrior full of bravery, Yudhishthira, a leader with sound advice, Bhima was
endowed with remarkable strength, and the twins were very beautiful.

Soon after, Pandu died, which gave rise to a large

A tournament was held in honor of the princes of

Among them, Arjuna was the best archers.

A man wanted to challenge him.

His name was Karna, he was the son of a charioteer.

Arjuna said he could not fight with a person of royal

Hoping to make it an ally, Duryodhana, the son of
Dhritarastra, made Karna the king of Angawardana. Karna then joined the clan of

Karna was in fact the son of the sun and Kunti, the mother
of the Pandavas even.

Kunti, before being married to Pandu, had obtained the
wish to have a son of the god of their choice. By invoking Surya, she gave
birth to Karna, covered with a breastplate, and wearing earrings.

One day, Indra, Karna asked to hand over these attributes.

In exchange, he offered him a sword capable of killing

Dhritarastra was always animated by a desire for revenge
against Pandavas.

He built a palace and set fire.

But the Pandavas had discovered the plot and fled in time.

They passed themselves off as dead and went into exile
with their mother and their companions. Dhritarastra became head of the

The five brothers went to the party that gave the princess
Draupadi in order to choose a husband.

Draupadi’s father announced that he will be able to file
five arrows into a target, firing through the hub of a wheel would have the
hand of the princess.

All contenders proved unable to meet the challenge, except

Returning to his mother, Arjuna told him he had won

Without turning around, Kunti told him to share with his

Thus Draupadi was married to the five Pandavas.

The new marriage of Arjuna and his brothers spread.

Clan Pandavas decided to return to Hastinapur.

Dhritarastra transfer of the kingdom and Yudhishthira, his
nephew was crowned king.

The Pandavas conquered many territories.

Always committed to eliminating the Pandavas, Dhritarastra
invited them to a game of dice.

Because of his disability, his uncle Shakuni, played in
his place against Yudhishthira.

The latter in turn lost his fortune, his slaves, his
elephants, his kingdom, its people.

He came to play himself, and his brothers.

He lost again.

He was left with more than Draupadi, he bet.

He lost again.

Exulting, Duryodhana insisted that make coming Draupadi.

To humiliate him, he tried to undo his clothes.

Draupadi replied that it was not for him.

Indeed, when Yudhishthira played it, it already belonged
to himself, as he could then possess?

The meeting will know what to say.

Reward for his intelligence, Dhritarastra granted him a

Draupadi asked freedom for his spouse.

Duryodhana complained of having lost everything and asked
what we do roll the dice again.

The losers will have to spend twelve of exile in the
forest and are discovered additional twelve years of exile.

Shakuni threw the dice and won again.

With a heavy heart, the Pandavas donned the skins of deer
and left.

After twelve years of exile, the Pandavas asked to recover
their kingdom.

Duryodhana refused, war was inevitable.

The terrible battle began.

Arjuna, the warrior deemed invincible was assailed by
doubts when the final assault.

Indeed, her parents faced on the battlefield. Despite
their differences, how could he kill those he loved?

Krishna had made up his mind and was at his side on the tank.

It uses its duty of Kshatriya, “there is no greater
good for a warrior than to fight in a just war. ”

But perhaps even Arjuna.

K rishna then answered by one of the most famous passages
of the Bhagavad Gita:

“Death is not the end. The eternal in man can not

The soul of man never dies nor is born.

Weapons can not hurt her, the fire can not burn it.

Do you think you can destroy the soul? ”

Thus, according to Krishna
are not the acts themselves that define karma, but the intentions are at the

After 18 days of fighting, the Pandavas had killed all the

They could then take over
the head of the kingdom
of Hastinapur.





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