Part 5 : Atlants , Chapter 7 – Pacific menhirs


First book : Gods


Part 5 : Atlants

7  – Pacific menhirs

Indians menhirs

The Atlantis will then
implement along the west coast of India, thousands of menhirs

This role has been assigned to a team working on site in
their country of arrival, there are nearly 6000 years

It was therefore the management team and
“commissions” that were involved in various problems

Officials of the Commission have therefore terra training
the team in India, and sent a team in South America, another on Rapa Nui

(Easter Island) and a team specializing in heavy transport

They coordinate all the work

The menhirs of the Andes

The team of Atlantis installed north of the Andes, to
build thousands of menhirs

As the Wuh said Pop, they destroy entire mountains,
cutting them into small pieces and manufacturer of giant stone statues

In fact they are preparing the menhirs to be filed on Rapa

menhirs of Rapa Nui

Meanwhile the team prepares Atlantis on Rapa Nui receipt
of menhirs

The locations are dug and stabilized with small granite
rocks that line the bottoms of the holes for the reception of menhirs

These rubble were brought back by the team responsible for
transport, which are by air, with aircraft capable of carrying hundreds of
standing stones from the Andes

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tilting of the earth

To enable tilting of the earth, it will when the standing
stones of India are ready, quickly establish the standing stones which were
prepared in the Andes

Once the changeover will be effective, it will quickly
remove the menhirs of the island of Rapa Nui, to stop the effect of cosmic rays
on earth, induced by these two electrodes that have become the menhirs of India
and Rapa Nui

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menhirs Pacific

These standing stones removed from Rapa Nui, they should
be put somewhere

This is not about to give them to their original

They will be submerged in the Pacific Ocean

For they have no effect on the electro-magnetic telluric
currents, it will disperse

It would be a very important job because it will
absolutely prevent location of exits of these telluric currents

The easiest would be to use it wisely by enabling a
deviation from the cold current from the bottom of the Pacific to northern
South America

The menhirs are so immersed in the exact spot in the
Pacific that will by its action on the ground currents to deflect the cold
stream of the way to the coast

It is therefore reasonable to think that this happened as
well and there is a pile of several thousand standing stones submerged
somewhere between Easter Island and the Peruvian coast

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Moai of Rapa Nui

The natives of Rapa Nui, after the departure of Atlantis
and the dismantling of menhirs, wanted to imitate the gods and created from the
soft rock of Easter Island, moai statues

When their numbers became important, although the risk of
activation of the electro magnet LBS / Cosmic was low, given the poor
conductivity of the rock, the Atlanteans decided to break the moais and stop
this activity and the Easter Island

The deterrent effect was
immediate, and therefore found on Easter Island moai number of spills and
broken and that we realize that the construction site of the moai was stopped





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