Part 5 : Atlants , Chapter 6 – Mayas

El Caracol, the observatory at Chichen Itza


book : Gods


Part 5 : Atlants

6  – Mayas


The history of the Mayan
calendar begins with them: in 3114 BC

Today is that we are in 2007, 5121 years ago

There are 5122 years, the Maya were a group of
agricultural tribes, without special knowledge, very close to prehistoric man,
just masters of fire … …

following year

The Maya mastered
astronomy, developed a calendar of 365 days and another 260-day religious,
invented hieroglyphics, adopted a deistic religion cosmic began to build
religious buildings with exquisite architecture, developed mathematics
with a count base 20 including zero!

They began to clear large tracts of tropical forests and
build, where surface water was scarce, huge underground reservoirs of
rainwater. They began to manufacture fabrics and pottery and cleared routes
through jungles and swamps to foster extensive trade networks with other
distant peoples.

All in one year!

In fact, the date of their schedule gives us the arrival
of Atlantis in South America!

The Atlanteans arrived and presented the Maya

Just read between the lines of Pop Wuh, their holy book

Written by Maya, he describes their vision from the top of
their technology, the lives of Atlantis: and it is inspiring!

We can account for the reality of their description, when
we discuss their lives in India
and you will see they are equal to themselves!

The Atlantean seen by the Maya in the Pop Wuh

They arrived the night (EST) and the sky actually air, Peru is closer to India from the east!

For their transport, they use a series of vehicles to
transport people, goods and information: the power trip toad, the toad trip
serpent, the serpent eagle trip:

Giant animals, of course, probably the origin of the
plumed serpent!

The Lord of the blowpipe, shoots with his blowpipe without
sagging, and it kills its targets (birds, enemies, etc …): laser gun?

The power and knowledge belongs to the Lord of the

The young hunter has mosquitoes that launches on its prey
or opponents and passing through them!

(Nice definition for a bullet!)

There are tribes and gods

But the gods fight among themselves too, and the
punishment inflicted on the vanquished by the head of the blowpipe is to make
life as hard as humans!

But their powers are limited!

They must obtain the approval of the gods who are on the
other side of the

Wed …

the seat of their power is in the pyramids, and they are
looking elsewhere to build other pyramids!

The head of the pyramids is their leader

They require Mayan women: beautiful young women virgins

(They do not want to get dirty!)

They were white Indians! (How bizarre!) …

These Métis were highly regarded

Also, the Mayan gods must supply food and abundance

Also they demanded of young people carrying goods for
human sacrifices!

It is likely at this stage, that human sacrifices were
used for organ transplantation, no longer here on earth synthetic medicine

In fact, the Maya indicate they used the blood and the
heart of victims of human sacrifice ….

Regularly Maya rebelled … … ..

They then attacked the camp of the gods, consisting of
fences with a tower in each corner of the camp square

Each tower had gourds full of wasps and bees they threw on
attackers, and the pierced and killed!

Still a nice description for watchtowers equipped with
machine guns …

Read the full story of the Maya

Their work completed, the gods went back to the sun (west)

It is likely that remained behind the
“punished”, defeated the internal dissensions, which became the first
tribal leaders Maya

Religion is founded on
the basis of human sacrifice, they found better to be a culture warrior who
used his prisoners as slaves and sacrificial victims for human sacrifice ….





money is the human predator
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