Part 5 : Atlants , Chapter 4 – Easter island


Ahu arive – the only moais watching the sea


book : Gods

Part 5 : Atlants

4  – Easter island

The Atlantis on Easter Island

Rapa Nui was discovered by the Dutch admiral Jacob
Roggeveen day

Easter 1722

Since the island is the
name of Easter Island

The Polynesian Rapa Nui were already about 6000 years ago,
when the

Atlantis arrived

For the people of that time, the Atlanteans were gods

After the short stay of Atlantis, he remained in the customs
of Easter Island

several significant contributions:

In their legends, the gods live in the moon

In their customs found the appointment of Chief of the

Human bird rest of their memories of gods who could fly,
and he who

the closest power of the gods became their leader

Their music is a unique polyphony on the planet, only

polyphony comparable to Hindu

their specific approach is found only in the Indus Valley

Image Hosted by

Their writing is found on wooden tablets, many of which

Image Hosted by

missing fuel used!

Image Hosted by

Further evidence of the passage of Atlantis on the island:
Image Hosted by

The Ahu Vinapu, wall stones adjusted invoice clearly
Atlantean, comparable

Image Hosted by

the walls of Cuzco

tilting of the earth


The Atlanteans wanted a comfortable climate, especially
since they had the

means and knowledge to establish

A must for them, established in India, was to tilt the

Image Hosted by

(See blogs 4-7- and 4-17)

This solution was especially interesting, in so doing, it
reversed the

river flow Asians and would inflict severe flooding

for a long time

One stone two shots, best climate for them and trouble for
their enemies

For this project, they started by implementing a barrier

of standing stones on the entire west coast of India


The advantage of this barrier, the first pole of the
electric giant magnet that after

would use it to attract a hot stream to the west coast of
India to

moderate climate
Image Hosted by

Then it was enough to set up the second pole of the
electric giant magnet poles apart

the first

Because of course you had noticed?

Rapa Nui is exactly the opposite of India: if you push a needle

a globe to Easter Island, then passing through the center
of the earth,

it come out in India!
Image Hosted by

Given the limited space available in Rapa Nui, it was
necessary to compensate

large number of menhirs necessary by the high quality of

menhirs used

It was therefore essential to achieve the granite!

That is to say to import from South America

It is therefore likely that the wall Ahu Vinapu, invoice
Atlantis, was carried out

with falls of granite standing stones, because there is no
granite on Easter Island

Once the poles in place, it only remains to wait for the

telluric and cosmic being set up so that they operate the
click of

this switch electromagnetic giant

The earth has shifted, you must destroy promptly all these

This was done under the eyes, and probably with the help
of labor

Human Island


Their work completed, the Atlanteans are divided

Remained empty slots, with fragment of granite poses

menhirs, and Easter Island were made from the soft rock of
the island statues

Giant in honor of the gods who have visited

they had to do first arive the ahu, which faces the sea to
ask the gods


Seeing nothing happen,
angry, they built all that other moais

not look at the sea!

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money is the human predator
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