Part 5 : Atlants , Chapter 1 – The atlants


First book : Gods

Part 5 : Atlants , Chapter 1 – The atlants

The trip

The Atlantis, Atlantis parties
from their galaxy, are now en route to the earth …

En route, they cross their
traditional enemies, Asians, and no shortage of opportunities for skirmishes

This Star Wars does not decimate
the one nor the other, but rather seriously reduce

Most importantly, will arrive on
earth for the Atlanteans and weakened and put in a position where they will no
longer be able to leave

Finally, the survivors come to
the solar system, and they send a scouting expedition, which landed on the moon



We must indeed consider the
arrival planet, earth, or to see is the best place to settle

In fact, we’re in an era dating
from about 7500 years ago, and the land is already occupied

On the one hand, by humans, a
species of higher animals, easily usable material, and second, by groups
extraterrestrials (the gods) came before them

The Eden are in the Middle East

Asians are in China, but also
branched out and set up bases in North America, Africa and Australia

They need an area large enough,
a little protection of their traditional enemies already here, and there
naturally arises of their choice INDIA

The history and legends

We have seen that for Eden, the
story came to us through the Bible

It was written by humans in
contact with the gods, and then censored into the bases of religion and power

For Asians, the scenario is the
same, that is to say that they are human beings in contact with the gods, who
told their stories, to understanding

That is why the Chinese legends
are closest to the historical reality of the lives of aliens (gods) came on
earth as it was not censored by religions, and thanks to the friendly nature of
Asian babes ,
who wanted to live together with humans and that does not regarded as goods or
as slaves or as animals

It would be nice if the
corporations of today have the same ethics ….

With Atlantis, it’s different:

They see humans as higher
animals and must be at their service, body and soul!

The writings which we therefore
describe the Atlanteans were made by humans, who explained what they saw with
their understanding, especially in the fear of the gods (Atlantis)

The Atlanteans established
themselves as gods, imposing a religion based on fear and bondage

So we need to interpret all the
texts, having this in mind



money is the human predator
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